Monday, August 11, 2014

Post cards from the edge of summer

I don’t want to see Autumn peeking around the corner on Pinterest.

I have no intention of pinning pumpkins, and fall colors, yet.
Leave that for those who must always be one step ahead of the the pack.
I will linger behind picking leftover blossoms, and blowing fluff into a setting sun.
Pink eckies in sunset
It’s much nicer here than there.
Pinecones, and bare branches can wait until the frost.

I am not ready to toss my summer annuals, they still look lush, and full.

Glassy eyed, and slack in the heat. 
I’m purposefully looking the other way when encountering those colorful orange, and russet displays of clothing in stores, heavy woven fabric, constricting jackets. 

Cute they are, but not for me….yet.

I’m thinking “back to school” are three of the nastiest words to utter right now, I don’t want to move forward….yet.

I am not ready for Fall, there are no sweaters in my closet, socks, jeans, coats are not what my dreams are made of.

Summer mornings with slight hints of a crisp fresh breeze, hot days, and glinting golden highlights through leaves as the sun shines bright.
Watermelon crisp, cucumbers on the vine, squash ripening in the garden.

This is my reality, my only focus.

Leave Autumn for those that look ahead, plan for the future, think too much.
I am hanging on, enjoying, savouring the light, and the soft bouncing end to summer.
Hot days, cooler nights, this is my favourite time of summer.

Hay bales stacked in Lego mounds, wheat golden shimmering, birds song in the trees once again.
Summer postcards - fileds
Not for me the harsh goodbye, a final farewell before it ends, these credits are not rolling, the circle keeps on spinning.
There is a time to every season, and this is not it.
I’m lingering in summer for as long as I can.

Summer gardens pink eckies
Splashing in sprinklers, gazing at skies, grateful for the bounty.
My flirty skirts, and bare legs will not be covered yet, my shoes are still hidden in the back of the closet.
I refuse to give in gracefully, there is still time.
I don’t want to be prepared.
There are 8 months to prepare for winter, more then enough. 
Give me my full four of golden glistening light, skies that soften as the dark approaches, evenings that awe.
Give me green, in every variety and shade that nature can create.
Blue, yellow, purple toned greens.
Don’t give me burnished bronzes, browns, and dried and decay just yet.
Send me postcards from the edge of summer.
Glinting off of the sand, glowing in the evening skies, whispering more days to come, soft sunlight, and flowers never ending.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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  1. Hi Jen! I totally agree with all your words and thoughts. Summer isn't over yet Let's not bury it sooner than necessary.
    Take care and keep enjoying all the lovely colours and memories that Summer is still offering.

  2. I'm not even thinking Fall yet, the gardens are still blooming really well. There has to be at least 6 weeks before the season changes. I agree, it's time to stop rushing the seasons and holidays, and let's enjoy what we have right now.

  3. I love how you wrote this! And I feel the same way. Thank goodness I haven't had the urge to go out shopping, I see ads for fall decor everywhere. It still seems very much like summer here. I love being outdoors and my flowers haven't pooped out yet! Yay!

    Jane xx

  4. I'm banishing all thoughts of autumn from my mind and reveling in this wonderful summer! Your words should be read by every marketer out there - let's not rush this beautiful season.

  5. I, too, am clinging to summer. I cannot believe how quickly the weeks have gone … one hot day melting into another in a season that arrived late this year.

  6. Wonderful post and photos ! Heck they had fall clothes in stores before it was summer here , Crazy isn't it? Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. I so agree, Jen. Every time I see those photos on Pinterest I quickly move on. I am living in the wonderful moments of summer. xo Laura

  8. Mid morning I sat in the warm sunlight by the water garden, soaking the warmth and watching the gold fish chase each other. They have such an easy life. We have had cooler days, which has bee very nice, but swear that this morning felt more like September than August. I am not ready really for summer to be gone, though I am done with all of the work! Nice writing today, by the way.

  9. I love the postcard image as well the other shots! Summer is half way done, still some more weeks of summer. Lets hope September is a good one. It is so dry here. And the air needs freshening up with a dose of rain. Great post and will visit the link you provided.

  10. I'm sure with you on this, Jen. That was beautifully expressed. I want to push summer out quite a bit longer, but it sure is feeling like fall in the air today. Yikes.

  11. I'm with you! We watched the geese fly noisily overhead last night and I was like "NO! It's too soon!" *sigh*

  12. We are having very " un Augustt" like weather so it can last as long as it wants to! I try to hold off on fall until at least October :-)

  13. Our summer has disappeared for the moment - the wind is chill - no more sitting outside in the shade of the apple tree - it has happened suddenly - like you, I am not ready - come back warmth, I'm sorry I grumbled - a few more weeks of summer is all I ask - I love autumn - but not now - not yet. Your cone flowers are beautiful - I wish I could grow them - I have tried and failed many times.

  14. I am one looking forward to fall! But my climate is different, and fall is almost like a second spring here. And while autumn points to winter, there is little to dread about winter here…usually! Summer is like breathing through a hot, soppy towel. I do love the end of summer with crisp days and the hints of coolness in the morning and evening. Your images and prose are beautiful, as always!

  15. It's beautiful summer time weather here in the mountains...high around 80 each day, lows in the 50s! I did see some red leaves on the sourwood trees though. Oh...I didn't mean to say that! Did I say that outloud? Scratch the red leaves comment! Summer time weather....I love it! Sweet hugs!

  16. What a beautiful post. And I'm totally with you. All fall and winter stuff are not for me yet.
    I go shopping to buy clothes to wear now and the stores are done selling summer clothes already. It's really crazy!

  17. I am definitely with you on this. I am never ready to let go of summer, so please don't rush it!

  18. I am enjoying the summery days but I am always ready for cooler temperatures, fall days!
    I hope you'll still like me!

  19. I am with you Jen. While I have to think of fall coming as I veg garden and prep, I am still lingering over every hot, dry, rainy blessed summer day as long as I can keep them...and then when fall comes I will stretch each day out as well. I am happy to not have to even think about school anymore! Yippeee... :)

  20. OK, I will admit that I just pinned one wee little Fall [ blush] chalkboard graphic on my pniterest board...but the graphics were so cute and not fall like that I had to do it.


  21. I am ready for Fall, but since Autumn never really comes here it will be summer for months for me yet.
    Hugs to you Jen,

  22. Beautiful and well said. I go kicking an screaming into fall and don't wanna got to school to set up my classroom tomorrow! Waaahhh! It just rained and I want to play in the dirt! As for Pinterest, I have no interest. I'm a bit of a neanderthal, I suppose.

  23. Autumn? I don't want to talk about it. August is a long month, thank goodness. With all the rain we've had everything is green. I said the other day that we need a little brown around the edges to make it feel like August. Maybe all the wet will delay the changing of the leaves [she said hopefully, looking for a silver lining].

  24. We saw Halloween decorations in the store already. "Give us a break" my oldest son replied to the advertising.
    My garden is still going Summer strong as well. Our gladiolas are just blooming. :-)

  25. I love, love, love this post! Next summer, I think I'm going to turn off the TV, avoid the Internet, and stay away from the radio. The kids around here graduated in mid-June, and they had about two weeks to enjoy summer before the news/advertising/entertainers started talking about back to school. Ugh! What's the rush folks?! This time of year would be so perfect if we didn't have to listen to people rushing ahead. Ick.

  26. Yes, I am holding on to summer for as long as possible too! xx

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  28. Endorse your sentiment completely, Jen. These last mornings of summer are glorious and nothing compares to a summer evening on the porch watching fireflies. Well said. (sorry, auto correct got me on the first comment)

  29. I heartily agree, and have thought the same thing many times. Why are people always rushing things? Does time not pass all too quickly on its' own? And besides, according to the calendar, we are still one full week away from being 2/3 through this wonderful summer season!!! These are the dog daze, those meant for lounging around soaking up the sun, sipping something cool and refreshing, and in general wallowing in the glory that is summer. Poo-poo on fall!!! I love it, but back off already!! We just experienced a ghastly heat wave - 100 F for several days and it sure feels like summer's in full swing around here. PNW - northern Willamette Valley...but yesterday and today, it's delightfully cooler and overcast. But our weatherman says this weekend we'll be heating up again. *swoon* :)

  30. I'm with you Jen! I'm not looking for fall yet but it's showing up everywhere in stores and in nature way too early this year. There is even Halloween in the Dollarama stores!! There is a noticeable difference in the air though and the light is certainly different. Not looking forward to fall at all!

  31. I am not ready for summer to end even though fall is my favorite season. Well, it was until this summer came along with some great weather! I noticed that Hobby Lobby has both fall and Christmas aisles. It's a bit jarring to see a scarecrow in one aisle and turn the corner and then see Christmas stuff.
    Great post and I love the light on the coneflowers!

  32. Lovely lovely sun--soaked shots. I'm not ready for autumn yet either!

  33. So I guess you don't want to hear that I pointed out the pretty red leaves on the maples outside my work this morning to the courier. Nah... didn't think so.
    I love your words here today. Beautifully written.


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