Monday, August 18, 2014

Pint sized preserves

In the best rendition of “my eyes are bigger then any stomach…”
I went a bought a entire case of peaches.
Actually I sent my beloved to get them.Peaches and cookbook
But the sentiment is still the same.

Oh foolish, silly me.
Peaches have to rank up there as the one of the best summer fruits to make you rhapsodize over sweet juice dribbling down your chin.
Piquant taste bursts in your mouth.
Is this not summer in a round sphere?
Oh my goodness yes, kind of thing?
So no, not foolish me…not silly at all.
In fact maybe I should have bought two cases.
I’m planning on living on the wild side here folks.
But peaches have one drawback, when they are ready, they are ready…come what ever may be, they need to be seen to.
The fact that we were to help our friend move another trailer full of his household goodies into his new place.
Along with a minor a one day heat wave will not deter the peaches from declaring “we are ready.”
And so they were.
And I was not.
But did they care?
Peach cookbook
They didn’t care that I got home sweaty, and tired in the mid afternoon, that the house was heating up, just as my love for peaches that were perfectly ripe and needed to be processed TODAY was cooling down.
They needed to be dealt with, and deal with them I did.
No languid afternoon nap in the summer heat, with the Boo snoring gently by my feet.
Peaches piled on cookbook
I processed pints of peach jam, jars of peach barbeque sauce, and I even am in the middle of dehydrating peaches, and freezing slices of them for later.
Now who’s in charge here?  Take that you pastel pouting perfect peaches.
Well, most of them I guess, there are still about 15 sitting on my counter, sulking, sassy little spheres that they are…but they are destined for greatness tomorrow.
And the root of all this inspiration?
Preserving by the pint, a new book by Marisa McClellan, who in her adult hood while living in a high-rise, so this works for all of us…rediscovered canning.  And thank goodness for that.
Peach BBQ sauce
The best part is that Marisa has broken down the heavy handed vintage recipes into something that any one loving small batches can easily manage.  She works with small case of peaches required, unless of course you wish to have peach perfection, flowing and over flowing on your counter.  Then go for it, and make more then a few recipes like I did.
I’m inspired, and rediscovering the joy of canning through this book.
My childhood memories of canning involved my mom, peeling endless batches of peaches in a hot steamy kitchen which yielded golden gems that glistened on the counter tops until they were secreted away somewhere cool for winter.
Oh so sweet, succulent, but so much work, they were her gift to us in the dark days of the cold season.  We loved the cherished jars of sweet treats, and they were doled out carefully…I vowed not to be a slave to summer fruit. 
Especially since all of her hard work paid off with the severe allergies to stone fruits that she suffers from now.
Frog and peaches
Marisa’s blog has recipes that will inspire you to create your very own small batches. 
From honey sweetened peach vanilla jam, to cranberry marmalade with apricots, and strawberry lavender caramel…stop drooling over the screen.
Get those canning jars into the dishwasher, grab that fruit, and go to town!
I mean get canning.
Now will it be Brown sugar salted peach jam first, or peach sriracha jam?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

 MBD 100 organic


  1. No kidding, I never thought of Peach Sriracha! And you are so right about peaches. I have a dozen sitting on the counter right now. I either need to have a peach fest or freeze them. I almost bought a lug of peaches at the farmers market last week, but I do know that all of the sudden you have to tend to them - and quickly. I usually slip off the skins, slice them, and freeze them in quart bags. I can always decide what to do with them during the long winter - a little at a time. But with the berry crop this year, my freezer is telling me there's no room for peaches this year!

  2. So funny you should say this. My husband bought a small container of about12 peaches yesterday. He commented that they were not ripe yet. I said that one day we will walk in the front door and we will be able to smell that they are ripe as they perfume the air.............and in the time it takes us to walk to the kitchen they will be overripe. Sigh.
    I will have to check out her cookbook. Another good one that I use is called Small Batch Preserves.

  3. Hi Jen! Thank you for this post that made me laugh and feel so refreshed. I could imagine those little peaches dancing and singing in your kitchen. I'm glad you managed to win against them. Now you will be able to enjoy some peachy delicacies. If you still have some maybe you can make some mousse. It is like a mousse au chocolat aka chocolate mousse but with peaches.
    Take care!

  4. Mmmmm I am planning on picking up a bushel of peaches from our neighbor sometime this week. Peaches were, by far, my favorite thing I preserved last year.

  5. Mmm peaches...I love peaches :-) Though I've never bought a whole peach. Instead, I get canned or cut peaches. (I'm very lazy when it comes to peeling!) I love peach jam, too. Bet it tastes so much better when it's home-made.
    How nice you've got a book that gave you inspiration! Enjoy your yummy peaches :-)

  6. How timely. I'm about to purchase a case of peaches this week. We each them fresh as much as we can, but I want to can a few pints and make some peach blueberry compote. I recently discovered Marisa's blog and took her first book out of the library. I just love seeing all the jars, richly coloured, lined up on the basement shelves. It does my ancient hunter/gatherer/preserver heart good.

  7. I love peaches and buy extra when they are in season. I cheat though! I just slice or even half them, put them in snack ziplocks and then in one bigger ziplock and freeze. I don't do anything else to them. Easy to thaw and use later when they are not in season. I need to make some fried pies! I usually just eat them on top of cereal or as a snack. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  8. Peach pie and peach cobbler, a must with our peaches. Then I make peach jam and can peaches for winter eating.
    I would love to try the BBQ sauce, sounds yummy.

  9. The rewards of canning are great ... but my ability to avoid the task is even greater. :)

  10. Yum, I'll take any of the above. Any peaches I bring in go straight to my stomach :)

  11. Yummy peaches. I used to do lots of preserving when the family all lived at home, but now if I make it I have to eat it all!!! The book sounds perfect for doing up small batches, will have to check it out.

  12. I haven't even seen a fresh peach this year! And we're leaving on Thursday so I won't be buying any to make anything with. :( Maybe I'll be able to at least buy some in Alberta. That's close to BC where they grow and they should be fresh.... right? Have fun with all your peach recipes. I'm sure they will be wonderful in the dead of winter. Enjoy!

  13. Love your blog and features . I love this and will try it myself. HUGS and thanks

  14. Apricots are amazing......but they make great jam as well!!! Peaches never make it to jam as I like to eat them fresh straight off my trees:) YUM!

  15. I have never tried making preserves with peaches - just about everything else though - I tend only to use that which I grow myself and have a surplus of. Small quantities sounds like just the job otherwise you have cupboards full of stuff that you never get round to using. p.s. I can never understand why you call it canning when you use jars and not cans? The book sounds as if it has some wonderful recipes to try. Hope you enjoy the fruits of your labours.

  16. In summer I often buy one peach and eat it on the walk home but mangoes are my favourite.

  17. Mr Garden House talked about Peaches the other day . . .
    Tomorrow may be my day to the orchard . . .
    The Peaches are READY!

  18. I bought my first box of peaches just today. They are what the farmer called Twos. Not as large as the the Ones, which will be in next week. But I couldn't' wait. I all go over to my daughter's where we will fire up her gas cook top, heat up the kitchen and can away. The old fashioned way. She has 3 girls to feed. No small batches for us. But we have fun. And chat. And laugh. I want to water pack them this year without sugar. I have eliminated sugar from my diet, so we are going to give it a try. Yep. The Peaches are Ready!

  19. I love all your images, so wonderful to view. I bought my 10 pound box of Okanagan Peaches last week, made some cobbler with some and froze the rest. Yes, they were sweet and juicy!

  20. I only bough a half a crate of Colorado Peaches...we are eating three a day and if we get behind they will be frozen:)

  21. Mouth-watering shots and words!

  22. The fruits of summer wait for no woman! Sounds like you are canning up a peachy storm over there, we are canning up mounds of tomatoes and cucumbers from my FIL's garden here. Salsa, stewed tomatoes, dill pickles, bread and butters ... winter will taste very good this year :O) I'll have to take a drive down to Vernon and snag some of your delicious Okanagan peaches Jen, peach sriracha jam sounds divine!

  23. I love peach jam, anyway you serve it.

  24. What a great variety of features you chose this week, very pretty. Thanks for a lovely party!
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  25. I feel so ashamed Jen! My neighbour gave me a load of peaches and they sat in my fruit bowl shouting 'eat me' with no notice given. A couple have hung on, but I will go out and get some more to try out the peach BBQ sauce. I'm going to look out for the book so thanks for the recommendation and the saviour of future peaches in my fruit bowl :-)

  26. Your pictures, alone, had my mouth watering for fresh peach juice! Oh my, you really tackled it all...and won't you be glad you did when you can take a jar off the shelf in winter...yep, sounds just peachy.

  27. I bought nectarines shortly after I read this post:) Good eating ~

  28. I'm not a canner but I do make a killer cobbler. We pick peaches every year and I make enough cobbler to feed a small army. But it only happens once a year, so we just enjoy it. But your jams sound tasty!

  29. I am trying to find organic peaches to make a pie and no luck here...all are laden with chemicals...but boy your preserves sound very unusual and yummy.


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