Friday, August 15, 2014

Inspirations to fan your creative spark

Creativity is like the surf washing over your feet on the beach.  It’s either coming in, or going out.
Is it up to you which way the creative surf goes. 
What inspires you? 
Calm, reflection, space, peace? 

Tranquility?  Long shadows
Or chaos, choice, and stimulation?
How do other creative people find time to come up with ideas, plans, and projects, and still fit life in between.
My camera is sitting there, forlorn, forgotten, creativity is the first thing to go when I am busy with family, and life. 
This is hands down the best time in the entire year to take photos. 
The light is golden, soft, pearly, the skies are bright, and I just can’t get myself out there to take a shot.
The camera glares angrily at me with it’s Cyclops eye…but it’s too hot, to heavy, to sweaty out there.
As much as I love summer, I’m tired.  Who sleeps in this kind of weather, I get up at 5 am, because I can’t sleep.
All day long there are things to be done, gardens to water, life to live, any excuse right?
Creativity comes in so many forms, versions, ways, it’s the doodle on a envelope while waiting on the phone. 
It’s inspiration, seeing old things in a new light. Doing something new, and different, doing the same thing but looking at it from a different angle.
Allowing yourself to daydream, to visually create in your mind something beautiful, written, painted, photographed.  It’s not something we can force, but have to allow it to bloom, it takes time.
Use prompts, there are so many wonderful lists, for writing, blogging, and for photography…I should take my own advice right?  I will one day….soon, just as it cools down, and I can venture out without turning into a puddle of mush.
Create a list of your own to inspire you.  Choose a word, a phrase, a topic, brainstorm.
Try Instagram, a photo a day, a meme, a linkup.
Day Lily at dusk
Allow the ideas to wash over your brain, just like the surf of the ocean.  Write them down for later if you don’t have time, or the inclination to do them right now.
I found this interesting article, 8 tips for productive blogging, written by Angie, of Real Life at Home.
Oh my goodness, #3…yes Angie you are so right, it’s more like a hour, more on that coming one day,
Visualize, envision yourself creating…
Keep it in your mind, allow it time to bloom
Do something that inspires you each day.
Life hack has 30 tips to rejuvenate your creativity…I challenge you to try a few, I challenge me.
Do you pick up a different type of camera…I’ve been using my cell phone, I like shooting with a different perspective.
Dandilion fluff in sunset
Do you doodle, do you daydream?
Make a commitment to a journal, write in it everyday…even if it’s only a few lines…practice makes you create something at the very least.
Stay away from social media, dive into social media?
Taking shots just to force yourself to pick up the camera?
Getting up earlier, staying up later.
Working with a group, working alone, working with a partner.  I love those thousands of miles apart photos…one day maybe I will hook up with someone and create one of those.
It’s to easy to go with the flow, to sit back and wait for it to come to you.  Get out there, demand it, insist on creativity, work for it, sweat…and not just from the heat. 
Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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  1. Here you are hot and miserable in the summer which is my NORMAL Summer State. Normally by now summer's been just something to endure. This year we are in this crazy wonderful unbelivable weather pattern where since the 4th of July time frame, while we do have some hot days, we keep getting storms...then drastic cooling. Today, mid-August, it was 48 degrees here in Houston Pa ( western PA ) and it is bright and sunny with blue skies and puffy clouds and no humidity. I feel on top of the world in weather like this ...Jen it feels like the perfect mid October morning! Crazy! But if it was 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity ( which would be typical ) I'd be counting the days until fall and not giving a hoot about being creative :)

  2. You've sure given us a lot to think about and I will click on the links and read some more. I always say....I have more ideas than I have time to do everything I want to do. I have a few days when I am still.....but most of the time, I'm making lists and writing in my journal, taking photos and playing with them on my computer, visiting blogs and writing posts. I can never get caught up but that keeps me going......and excited when I get up every morning. Whew! thanks for another thought provoking post my friend! You always inspire me! Hugs, Diane

  3. I especially cherish quiet time...when ideas come gently... and I travel down each road a little ways to see if it feels right. Sometimes, though, a good idea comes in like a freight train, and I jump right on it!

    I LOVE your photos - the golden colors are warm and inviting! Beautiful.

  4. I wrote something on Facebook the other day, that I am staying off of Facebook during the day. I go on it after supper. So I am trying my best to create something every day whether or not the mood strikes me. Someone told me that it takes 21 days to break a habit. It is day 3. Great post and can certainly relate, Jen. Lovely photos!

  5. My garden looks great for August. It's the gardener who fades fast, melting in the heat. I escape inside to type and doodle and plan. And nap.

  6. The hot summer days and nights make my creativity non-existent as I get more and more irritable. I seem to come back to life as soon as the first brown and crispy leaf falls from a snoozing tree. The nights start drawing in and my favourite corner beckons me over to start thinking about projects, lists and cosy things for the coming winter.

  7. I am feeling decidedly less creative right now, I think I am just plane worn out. Being tired or overwhelmed will suck the creativity right out of you.

  8. I love how you described creativity as surf washing over feet. It is really like that.
    My creativity always comes from my kitties. They are my inspiration :-)
    It's been a bit cooler these days here. I hope you get to have a good night sleep. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I am a daydreamer - always have been - at school I was always the one staring out of the window. The other day husband came home from work - I was at the stove cooking dinner and smiling to myself - what's funny he said - oh nothing I said - I was just writing a blog post in my head and it made me smile - but he had broken my reverie and I'm darned if I can remember what it was all about. I keep a notebook beside the computer and whenever anything strikes me - maybe an idea from reading a blog post of someone else's I jot it down but with a twist of my own. I get inspiration from all sorts of things - mainly my photographs spark an interest in something. I find it hugely exciting to come up with something original - creativity
    keeps the mind working in all sorts of directions - without it life would be pretty boring - don't you agree. I lover your sepia pictures - they reflect the heat of summer beautifully. Hope it cools off for you soon and you manage to get your much needed sleep.

  10. H Jen - great post! We must all have something to motivate us. It seems as I age, I have less motivation and energy. LOL

    Don't know if I've told you or not, but love your new header.


  11. I am hearing you and feeling inspired, Jen. I'm going to take a look at your links. I feel an urge, hopefully something that will come to life in the colder months when I'm not so busy and write more about my feelings, my thoughts, some experiences, some adventures. We'll see.

    Thank you for always leading the way, dear.

    Jane xx

  12. Jen, what is the weather there like right now? It stays around 100 here. And humid. The kind of weather that makes photographing less fun. I create best in quiet, and I always seem to go to sleep with a wonderful first line on the tip of my tongue, but of course it is forgotten. For sleep, have you tried Melatonin? I take it over the counter. I also turn on a diffuser with lavender essential oil in the water, and that is very calming and sleep-inducing.

  13. Great post Jen and your photography is really amazing. I also love to get lost behind the lens of a camera and get creative with different perspectives as you have done here. You have a great idea of trying to do something creative each day...very inspiring!

  14. Well hopefully your muse has returned with the cooler weather Jen, it barely broke 20C here today so hope it is cooler down your way too. Your comparing creativity to surf is inspired and so very true! And I wish I had the answer to getting that wave to come crashing back in to shore but it seems to have a mind of it's own. And what is the siren song that will entice it back? There's another mystery! Hope that you are out with your camera in your lovely garden capturing new shots of Boo!

  15. In the South, we don’t sweat. We glisten. Life’s August garden is all about sitting back and enjoying the view. Your second shot had me almost longing for Autumn, Jen. Almost .....

  16. I popped over to read Angie's list. It sounded so familiar because she said some of the things that I used to tell my college freshmen as we discussed adjusting to university life. Then I saw that she home schools. Well that makes sense, I often use the iphone to take photos, as I did at the test garden last week. Limited in what it can do, it does do okay. And personally, you always seem to have your muse close by.

  17. I am going to try some of the tips as my creativity has slumped the past month or so. I feel drained, empty and sad. Maybe it is because so much has been happening that has my life in turmoil. I am going to listen to a poetry reading event today and hope it stirs me.

  18. I let creativity flow much like your post as it ebbs and flows and flows with ideas Jen. I will check out a few links too. I joined a photo challenge and am posting the pics on my new blog every Sunday. It has been fun and breaks me out of my rut. I will be engaging in a few more link ups to get going again with my poetry. Writing blog posts also challenge my creativity. And I love it.

  19. Great advice and incredible photos, Jen!

  20. Great thoughts . . .
    My mind never stops creating . . .
    I see it, hear it, taste, smell, feel it . . .
    My own little magical, creative world . . .

  21. I take lots of photographs, and usually there is something there to inspire me. And if I have not a thing to post, the garden always seems to have a surprise waiting for me. But the best things flicker into my brain just as my mind is drifting to sleep. I tell myself to remember, I repeat it in my head several times, but too often I can't recall it the next day. I definitely should keep a note pad by the bed, but then I probably would never get to sleep!

  22. busy potting up the plants I want to see again in the new garden. 300 and a few more to come. I can see it, but it's not happening quite yet. Meanwhile I'm slowly collecting for August Wildflower Wednesday.

  23. Great tips and wonderful light in these shots.

  24. I loved this post so much . It is like the water going over your feet at the beach. I love the creative challenge so to speak. I love it when something sparks that within me. Thanks for reminding us of this . I love your blog and your spirit . xoxox HUGS

  25. I've learned that Creativity can be encouraged and fed, but not forced. It ebbs and flows. Hot summer is a time for letting ideas percolate. You've been so busy with family and other things that creativity can't get a breath. She will return.

  26. People think I am incredibly creative, I hear it all the time. But is it creative if I'm simply copying the ideas I see on Pinterest? I suppose I give them my own twist, but still. Regardless, I've been on a creative binge lately redecorating my house. Pinterest truly does inspire me. But so does strolling my garden or walking along the beach. If I see beauty, it inspires me to photograph it. Do you think organizing is creative? Because I just love organizing, it's actually fun for me.


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