Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nature’s a noisy neighbour

Ah, the country, peaceful, pastoral fields undulating with green crops…cows gently mooing at the barn doors waiting to be milked.  Birds flitting from branch to branch, twigs in beaks, happily building nests, busily planning their futures.
Sounds like a corny musical doesn’t it?
Now let’s get back to reality.
Nature is noisy, messy, loud, jarring, and rather self absorbed.
Nature is the single young guys next door that partied until just after dark chirping, and singing to the sky.
Now resuming again at the crack of dawn.
Nature is the married with kids, and a few more on the way, families of Robin R. Breast, feathered fiends of no fixed address.
Transients that settle into the neighbourhood, build a nice home, and leave just when you think you have started to become fast friends.
Nature is Wood E. Pecker, fighting over breakfast at the suet bar with Mr. and Mrs. Chick A. Dee who are clamouring with each other before you are fully awake. 
Their hungry half dressed featherless kids always ravenous, and the talk of the neighbourhood.
Cooed over by that nosy childless, older couple Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon, “but please….call us Doves darling.”
 More Fences
Nature is the Caw Caw Crow gang, the bad boys of the bunch, dressed all in black, they carouse in the high fir trees, and whip the neighbourhood into a frenzy.
A territorial bunch they seem to fight it out with every other bird, laying claim to what ever it is they perch on, only to leave it all behind when they fly away.
Want to know why they call it the “crack” of dawn, you might assume that it’s because the sun slowly creeps over the land spreading good cheer, and light as it goes.
Nope, not at all.
Long Fence
It’s because a secret internal switch in every creature living outdoors is suddenly flipped, loudly, and with great intensity.
“Everybody up, this is not a drill!
I repeat, this is not a DRILL!  up, up UP! 
To your stations, sound the alarm.”
Every single feathered, and furred beast that perches in trees, and has cowered all night in a hedge is now ready to party, as in P.A.R.T.Y!
And it’s not even 4 am.
The single guys round the corner, the ones that just can’t seem to settle down, the tweeting, chirping, cawing, cajoling raucous crowd that they are start it all off. 
Not that it ever ended, because Willie Coyote was out there all night long, howling at some unseen moon, chasing cows, and Farmer Fred was in hot pursuit with his shotgun.
It goes on for at least a hour and then suddenly just when you think your eardrums will never be the same, it stops.
The sounds of nature’s silence is deafening, you strain to hear something, wondering what happened, but there isn’t a peep.
Foolishly you relax a bit, and just as sleep overtakes your poor sodden brain, and you drift off into a soft land of quiet.
Bootsie under tree
 It starts up again. 
“This is not a DRILL! WAKE UP! Meow!” Purrrr, scratch, meow.
The furry roommate has woken up, and it’s breakfast time.
Nature, one of the nosiest neighbours we have ever had.
And one of the best.
Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams



  1. And you know none of those neighbors are leaving because anything in your neighborhood is prime real estate! If you can't beat them, join them. Feel free to make some noise of your own;)

  2. and they say come relax in the country, lol,

  3. I hear you on the sounds of nature and early wakings by kitty cat. One of the reasons why I am up so early, just fed the fur kids. Great photos! You must be pleased to have warmer weather to take pictures again.

  4. I love Nature's neighbours ... even if they are a little loud at times. We've had people neighbours that are a lot worse.

  5. Oh I love your description of noisy neighbors! And meowy purry neighbor is the very best for sure!
    We have Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon (or Dove, if they prefer) coming to our area, too. It's been always two of them, but the other day, I saw three of them together. Can the 3rd pigeon their child? I have no idea...but it was lovely to see them together :-)

  6. Ha ha - loved this :) I know exactly what you mean - we have a tree outside the bedroom window - big mistake - the sparrows all collect there to have an early morning gossip, a blackbird does his 'I'm the king of the castle' work out there as well. Just because they all like to be up and about at the crack of dawn doesn't mean that we humans have to be too. But I don't think I would want to be without them. If you want to live in the country then the noise of nature is all part of it I guess. Love the pictures with the sun spots too - must say that the cat doesn't look impressed either.

  7. Oh Jen, this was a FUN read! You described the noise of nature so very well. I'll be thinking about this conversation amongst my feathered friends for a while.

  8. I love it! We have Rufous S. Towhee visit our feeder each day. He is usually joined by Mrs. Titmouse and Mr. H. Finch!

  9. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic post with us. Nature sure is a noisy neighbour bur life would be so nice if all noisy neighbours were like Nature.

  10. This is so cute...a great way to describe all the noise and chaos.

    I can't seem to find your email address. Your comment on my last post made me smile...I know how precious your furry pal is to you! :)


  11. Wonderful post and photos ! It is just the same here and I love it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. So true, but wouldn't change a thing!

  13. Beautiful photos . . . I love sitting on the porch and listening to the chatter . . .

  14. Why is there always that one bird in the wee hours of the morning as you are sleeping with your window open, that sings off key and at the top of his voice? But the joy of knowing that lovely weather awaits you when you rise is wonderful.
    xo Catherine

  15. What a great post, Jen. You gave me a chuckle this morning. You sound like my Mom. I never seem to hear the birds in the morning but they wake her up early. xo J

  16. I like your close up of fences. Oh yes and prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kittycat.

  17. It certainly is noisy in the mornings lately. The Caw Caw Crow gang likes to hang out around here, along with the Gull family who can't keep their voices down at all.
    A fun post, Jen.

  18. LOL Just a few mornings ago I had slept with my window open for cool air and at dawn the birds outside were chattering away so I closed it and muttered something about them being so loud!
    My cats always wake me wanting to eat (not as early though) but they do it by pawing a book off a bookshelf or knocking something off a nighstand or bathroom countertop. They do not dare touch me!

  19. Dear Jen, oh you're so right! But would we like to live with the absance? Me not and you - I guess - not either!!!
    Love your fence pictures - they make me dream and hear some bees!
    All the best to you

  20. Occasionally i hear some coyotes in the back woods carrying on, it is so unsettling. It wakes me from the depths of sleep and I run around my house checking on every one because I think someone is crying. And frankly I live in a very populated area.

  21. Dear Jen, me again, this old blue one is also from my mother, I have a red too but it stucks somewhere between somewhat in the garden...
    Have sunny days

  22. Gorgeous sunlit shots! Nature is very noisy in the summer.

  23. LOL so true! It's the babies-in-nest families that occasionally drive me up a wall...starlings on 3 sides of the house and sparrows on another.

  24. The birds are noisy here. Grackles. Robins. Red winged black birds. Bullocks Orioles. English sparrows. Not pretty song song birds any of them, just gluttonous eaters at the feeders. Love the softness of your photos.

  25. By spring I am ready for the raucous nature before it ends in late summer and we have silence for too it Jen!!

  26. would love to have you link your garden posts to Fishtail Cottage's garden party!!! (Thursdays ~ but I keep the party open thru the weekends) hope to see you! xoxo, tracie

  27. I loved this - so funny, but true. I'm sharing it on my Facebook page,


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