Sunday, March 2, 2014

By the time…

I’m running a little far behind in the last few weeks.
Still heavily into delete mode, with 40,000 of my over 60,000 images deleted, or reorganized.
Not quite done yet.
There are a few things I’ve noticed when I lift my eyes from the computer screen.
By the time….
By the time I realize it’s been a hour I’ve most likely deleted a couple of thousand shots.
And there are still many more to be done.
The housework isn’t finished, the dinner isn’t planned, and Boo is hungry again.
Hydrangea pink
By the time I realize it’s late and I haven’t written a blog post, it’s the next day.
All of this deleting is making everything slow because it’s reorganizing itself internally, at least that’s what it tells me.  I have no idea, I just know it’s still backing up on Google backup, it’s been a long week.
I seem to have deleted something in my files, my social media icons along with some headers on my blog have been missing, it’s on my list, I’ll get to it one day.  Just have to finish deleting more photos.
Garden clogs
By the time you forget to write a new post a couple of times, it’s easier, and easier to play hookey. 
So that’s how that slippery slope gets so slick.
By the time I realize that there are comments piling up in my inbox from over 3 days ago, it’s almost embarrassing to have to start the reply with…I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I’ve always tried to read your blog posts, and return your comments within a day or two.
By the time that I am done this I will have to pick up the camera and take some photos again, it’s been a week, and I miss my camera. The uninspiring brown and white landscape has taken it’s toll on my creativity, it’s lurking in there somewhere, don’t worry about that.
Oh do I crave some color.
By the time I get back to regularly posting, and reading so many exciting things will have happened in blog land that it will take days of reading just to catch up. You’ve got a what?  You did that?  How on earth, well, my goodness…
Blue bachelors buttons
By the time I got back to sleep after a thoughtful neighbour decided to ride his snowmobile up and down the fields here at 4 AM on a Sunday morning, it was almost 7, and my day had started once again.
And the best of all,
By the time I am done.
I’m hoping that this tail end of the polar vortex is nothing more then a distant memory, and spring is hiding around the corner.  I need spring, you need spring, we all need spring.  These freezing cold temperatures, and snow are really wearing thin now…it’s March, let’s bring on some better weather for everyone.

Stay warm, and keep that spring hope burning in your heart.
Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  1. It has been snowing here all morning. I just began to hear sleet... Spring, where are you?

  2. Time really flies by when you get involved in a project you are passionate about finishing!

    This weekend we braced for the "big storm" that never did hit us; it mostly stayed in the mountains and dumped a lot of snow where it will do some good for the spring run-off.

  3. My goodness, you are really busy deleting aren't you. You sure had a lot of pictures stored. I love this hydrangea photo. What variety is it? I'd like to plant a couple more shrubs this spring and have seen the strawberry shortcake (?) or is it strawberries and cream (?) and like the colour a lot. Is it deer proof? No big rush on an answer. :)

  4. I have been there ! I did all my photos months ago . I got lazy with mine as I use Lightroom now to catalog all my photos so it is so much easier and no taking weeks to go through them . I am like that when reading blogs I get so into them all the time just fly's by . I am praying hard for spring . Lovely post and photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. Jen, maybe while you are deleting you could delete winter.

    Love your photos and the beautiful summer colors. No winter grey in those photos.

    We are bracing for yet another winter storm. Even this winter lover is crying uncle.

  6. By the time you read this I will be watching 3 grandgirls skate around a roller rink and it will be MINUS 8 when we go out to get in our car. Imagine that! UHG---Good job deleting- It took me almost two weeks- xo Diana

  7. You are making progress and I so enjoyed your photos today especially the Bachelors Buttons. I still have Joe Pye Seeds for you here..I will get around to sending them one day soon:)

  8. The hurrier I go the behinder I get....or something like that! I am ALWAYS behind with my emails and visiting. But I still love it and would rather visit my favorite blogs than....well, almost anything! heehee! Sweet hugs, Diane
    PS Is supper ready yet? EEEEEE!!!!!

  9. Fabulous images, Jen! It takes baby steps to get things done. I am craving for spring. I know we did not get as much snow as the rest of the country did but these grey days to get to me.

  10. Oh those colors - glorious!! A daunting task to organize and decide what to delete.
    Booo to the neighbour riding his snowmobile up and down the street so early on a Sunday morning. GAAAAK!
    Wishing you a wonderful week Jen!
    xo Catherine

  11. I am very far behind too, my friend. I love looking at your beautiful summer photos. We are once again in the middle of a winter storm. Currently freezing rain with snow coming later tonight. It is all so tiresome. So I find myself curled up in bed at an early hour tonight. xo Laura

  12. Sound like the deleting task is a daunting one . . . I hope "by the time" you finish you will have the results you have been hoping for. Good luck . . . loved your photos!

  13. At least you have a sound excuse. I just have brain fog or writer's block. Or too many other things to do. Yes we are tired of the snow and the cold, but it is supposed to warm up. I do hope so.

  14. When I'm involved in a project I forget to eat, which is okay when I'm here by myself but not so much when hubby is home. I can dance around getting something accomplished for days, but when I get serious and get it done it feels so good! The change in routine is good too, even if it means tuna fish sandwiches for dinner. Think how satisfying it will feel to have all your photos organized and backed up. The added benefit is that you're immersed in the color and warmth of the seasons we long for this time of year....

  15. Oh my must take an incredible number of photos to have to delete so many! And all your photos are so good, so why delete them. Anyway, yes, I agree spring ... er, not winter ... would be nice now. Thank you.

  16. Good luck with the deletes Jen, sounds like a long process...

    We are having a last (hopefully) rather big dump of snow here right now, what a surprise. I am soooo craving some real color too.

    Happy Week, G

  17. Keep your eyes on the prize! You're almost there and I'm rootin' for you. I have to spend some time doing administrative work here, too. ....tomorrow...

  18. All those pretty spring images help today. I like your yellow clogs and your reflection in the puddle.

  19. Love your photos...and it does help with my Spring Fever.
    Thank You!

  20. That's a lot of photos!! We just received about 8 inches of fresh snow but we are closer to spring today than we were yesterday so all is well. Life is stirring under all that brown and white muck. :o)

  21. I know the feeling! I have been sorting through mine for a few years and I keep taking more to sort through! A never ending venture!

  22. We're getting a rainy respite from the snow. But it's still a good time to go through photo files and delete. If only I didn't get so bored or too caught up in some old image.
    And poor you and poor Boo. My Bailey and Phoebe are ALWAYS telling me it's time to eat. I think they hope that a few of those times I won't check the clock and will open a can just to keep them from walking across my keyboard and howling at me.
    Love the flowers! Especially the pretty blue ones. Color, one day there will be color again!

  23. 4AM on a snowmobile? Wonder what he was doing? Just as well his neighbours were awake anyway!

  24. It's been ages since I've been by ... many things happened on my end. Delightful to see all this prettiness here. And I admire you for working on all that deleting. I was doing that ages ago and got sidetracked. You've given me inspiration to get right back at it. Happy near-Spring to you!

  25. I'm here, apologizing for getting to your blog post so late. Life seems to be speeding up a little - lots to do. Having the husband home this week means my schedule is shot.
    Lovely images, full of the light and colour we are all craving.

  26. Hope you're almost done Jen, a big job but now you will be so organized! I finally bought some memory sticks to back up my computer, hope I get it done before it crashes! Did you get the freezing rain? Very crunchy around here but it was melting like crazy today which is always a good sign. Waiting impatiently for that first robin to appear, my hubby informs me they are already in Boston Bar so not too far away now, yipee!


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