Friday, February 21, 2014

Just one more….photo

White Ranuncula
It’s a late posting today.
We are experiencing some interesting weather around here, never thought we would see thunder and lightening in February.  But we did, and are.
It’s knocked the power out usually when it’s time to start dinner, that sounds like fun, until you realize that it’s pretty cold outside, and once you get cold, and hungry…  Boo of course is all for snuggling into us, and stealing what little body heat we have left.  Survival of the fittest, isn’t a joke around here.
Add to that the phones and the internet coming and going with no warning, one minute it’s there, and the next it’s gone, “there is a problem with the lines, the repair man is aware of it, and trying to find the source, thank you for your concern, we will get back to you…never.”
Returning comments, and reading your blogs has been a bit of a challenge, rest assured, I will persevere and keep at it, expect me in the next few days, once my cold fingers thaw out.
I’m deep in the middle of deleting old images from my computer, there was over 60,000 so it’s taking quite a while.
It’s been interesting to see how my photographic journey is processing, but you have to wonder what I was thinking a few years ago…who needs 16 images of blue muscari?  Did I think a bulb catalogue was going to contact me to use some of my shots?  And the Boo, talk about proud pet guardians…there are few shots of us, but so many of him. 
No wonder our PC has been running slow.  I am on my 2nd external hard drive, and looking at a 3rd one in the near future.
I have worked out a system that works for me, to process my multitude of shots,and have been diligently applying it to each new image that I download ever since.  Along with now being a discerning editor of the bad, the poorly shot, and the blurry, it’s starting to keep the new image count down to a manageable level.
Now just to plough through the old 50,000 + images, and delete, delete, delete…and hopefully things will go forward from there.
Onwards, and all that, now just let me delete one more photo, and I will be right with you.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

I have a new to me “take me to the top button” on the lower right hand side…I love it, and honestly wish more bloggers had this button.  Many thanks to Brenda’s Blog tips for sourcing the tutorial that makes it so simple to do.


  1. That's a beautiful photo, Jen. I just keep organizing my photos as I take them and backing them up with an external hard drive as well as Carbonite. I am not good about cleaning out images. I'm sure I need hundreds of photos of my GSD who is no longer with us. :-) We're getting that same odd weather, although they had predicted 12-15 inches of snow for us and we haven't had that much. But it is wet and thick. I lost count of how many times the power has gone off and then back on since the middle of the night.

  2. Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE that header?

  3. Wow. You have taken on quite a task. I have a small number of photos in comparison, and I love having them organized in folders by topic. However, the more photos I take the harder it is to discern what hasn't been backed up yet, so I go through folders to find subfolders/photos added since the last backup. This year I'm trying something different - a folder for each month than can easily be saved to the external drive all in one motion. I will see how long this works for me.

    The flower at the top is lovely, the bud a promise of things to come ~

  4. OH- What a pretty image. That purging of photos is what I am going to be doing when I am sitting at my daughters after the new baby comes. You are right-who needs 25 photos of the same thing that you can barely tell the difference in the images. Now---if I can only get a new camera!!!! Hope your power stays on -we have HIGH winds here today-closed the airport..and now I have low battery on my computer. lol Later- xo Diana

  5. (Message for Boo...don't take all of their heat away...They have to open your food. Leave them enough warmth for their fingers to work the can opener)
    ..............I had a much longer comment but something went awry when I tried to post it....too lazy to do it again. Lol.

  6. Deleting photos is something I'm starting to do more of. But it takes time, that's for sure. The wind and rain have stopped here, but I heard the scraping of car windows from my bed this morning and sure enough, it's frosty out. Hope the power stays on and you warm up nicely.

  7. I think we all put off the dreaded task of deleting unnecessary photographs. I have been trying to be very diligent about only uploading the ones I really want to keep but have so many that I need to go back and delete before my newfound wisdom. I do your your power stays on as that is a most aggravating situation......I hope you have great weekend...

  8. Sorry you're experiencing so many inconveniences... I don't like it all when these "winter weather" things happen. Stay warm! Boo has it all figured out! Ha. I love that top photo too. Wow. I think you face a huge task, going through all those photo images and deleting. I admire you for getting after it, though!!

  9. Back again. Thanks for the "Return to Top" link. I've added one to my blog and linked back to yours and to Brenda's. Great idea!

  10. I hope your power comes on again soon and you get warmed up. That's no joke. Consistently inconsistent power outages were one of the reasons we installed our gas fireplace in the fall. It doesn't require electricity to light and I wanted at least one source of reliable warmth, should the power fail us at any point during the winter months. So far, so good. *fingers crossed*

    You've reminded me that I really should go through my photos and toss the vast majority. It's so incredibly time consuming and I have so many other, more important things to do - like hang out on Facebook and read blogs and nap with cats. *grin*

  11. So sorry about your power outages. That's no fun! I guess I am a proud pet mama too and have too many cat pictures!
    Stay safe and warm. Hugs to Boo!

  12. Jen, I felt cold chill just reading that ! Do you have no heat source when the power goes, or have you got a log burner to huddle round ?
    deleting photos is always hard, I find, no matter how fuzzy and blurry, I seem to want to hang on to them !

  13. Yup Whacky weather here to . Yesterday it was a mix bag of thunder lightning whilst it snowed then turned to sleet and high winds and then rain for the rest of night with more thunder and lightning then rain and snow this morning and the sunshine for the rest of the day warm winds and balmy temps of 3°C . Even pro photographers take lots of photos of the same thing cause out of them there will be just that one that is the one . I take lots of photos of the same thing as there are all kinds of different lighting and angles to capture it in lol then I see what ones are the best and get rid of the rest when I load them in my Lightroom program and do a bit of dabbling with them as I take photos in raw form ! Hope the weather calms down for you there and your power stays on . Lovely photos and good post as always . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  14. I noticed that 'back to top' button on Lorrie's blog earlier today; what a good idea. I'll add that to me (already long) list of future blog improvements.

    Wishing you warmth and reliable hydro.

  15. The 'weather gods' have truly been acting crazy haven't they?
    It's sometimes hard to keep photos organized when you take so many and get behind.
    Oh well.
    Have a happy weekend Jen!
    xo Catherine

  16. Beautiful photo.
    I am behind organizing my photos too.
    I love to take photos. I just run out of time for the organizing part. :-)

  17. You are putting us all to shame. ;-) I try to delete some of the photos as I go along, but am not so good about weeding out the marginal ones. Maybe next winter ... You are so talented with your special effects on your photos--always so lovely!

  18. Oh my gosh Jen, we've had nothing like the weather you are having. Some snow, a little wind but no thundersnow! Hope your power, phone, internet are back up and running soon. Editing old photos, yeah, should do that myself one of these decades! Happy deleting :O) Deb

  19. Good luck with the deleting. I do this often through the year and seems I cannot catch up with all the photos I have. Wow, 60,000! I have never heard of thunder storms in February. Hope you get better weather soon.

  20. must be spring there! I have not even begun to work on photos..I of these days. I am with you many old photos of the same thing must go! :)

  21. I know we love the photos but they are work to maintain.

  22. I have a zillion photos of my projects but few of my kids! Maybe I should fix that.

  23. I have added the take me to the top button. Love it. I have trashed so many photos this last month. I am also in the process of deactivating old blog posts. Time for some spring cleaning. xo Laura

  24. Thanks for the reminder to clean out my own photo archives Jen. I don't have that many photos saved but I have a lot. ;-)

    The internet is a bit iffy here at times too. But after my recent computer meltdown and the internet being off yet again, have now switched to Shaw, seems to be better overall, the service certainly was.

    The flower photo at the top is just gorgeous. And thanks re: the back to top option, great idea. When I get a chance, I'm going to look into adding this to my blogs too.

  25. The weather here has been crazy here as well with thunderstorms in February but I saw the fist sign of the green foliage from a hyacinth today....finally! I have been going through photos and deleting and updating old posts and reorganizing the blog as well. Things definitely catch up with you after a while so February is a good month to organize. Nice photo at the top of your post!

  26. Like the button but not something we can do in Wordpress I believe.


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