Sunday, February 23, 2014

Deleting, backup, sauerkraut, and snow

Frost covered leaves
That may be the most unlikely post title I have ever come up with, but it works, and it seems to describe my life right now.
I am gradually whittling down my massive photo archives from 60,000+ to a respectable 37,000, with many, many more to be deleted.  My goal, a very realistic 10,000 which may not be attainable, but a girl can dream, and it’s a lot of work.  So far three days steady, and no end in sight.  There are rumours that I might be a bit obsessed, but I have to get this done.
So bear with me, I am getting to your comments, and blogs, it’s just taking a lot longer then I thought it would.  I have this “get ‘er done” feeling about this project, and am seeing it through to the end.
Frosty leaf
Now I have a question for you, one of those, “tell me I’m not the only one” kind of questions.  I seem to have a quirky memory that can recall with great clarity the moment I click the button on my camera to take a shot, I can almost “re-feel” taking it again.  This happens on a good amount of my images, even those from way back.  Is this normal and does anyone else get that “feeling,” of reliving the moment when they look at their images.
Also what are your thoughts on the new Google Auto backup that is available if you use Chrome as a browser?  It’s hard to find anyone talking about it, and although I have alternative backups, it’s always nice to have another.  Are you using it at all, do you like it, hate it, am shrugging your shoulders thinking what is she talking about?  Do you use the 15G backup, or are you doing the smaller supposedly unlimited photos version? 
Please do tell.
Train tracks perspective
Next come the sauerkraut.
I found a recipe on Pinterest describing how to make small batch sauerkraut, I have never had home made so I have no idea how it’s supposed to look.  They do say, it’s nothing like the pasteurized commercial kind you can buy in the store.  It’s delicious, and still crunchy after 2 weeks. it’s also very salty, even after I repeatedly rinsed it.   So if anyone has experience in making this I would love some input, or advice. 
White Rock beach bench sunrise
Snow, it’s gradually disappearing from under the trees, there is brown under there, can’t believe it, brown icy stuff.  We will be getting the tail end of the polar vortex that is shifting around, and are looking out for more cold weather…February is here to stay for a long time, just like they said it would.  And they say the weatherman is never right.
Hang in there, spring will come soon enough, there is light at the end of the tunnel. And as soon as I can get my images organized, I will be back and blogging properly. 
Until then, it’s delete, and backup, delete and backup.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Thought you might like to see some of my older stuff, mostly shots from the White Rock beach area.  The bench above was featured on the evening news a few years ago.


  1. I have vivid memories of taking certain photos-like I am transported right back to that moment. I think that is how our inner "connector" works with photos? I use my computer to back things up but have wanted to try the Google back up, too. Let me know if you use it.
    Good luck on your photo journey. I did the same thing about a year or so ago and need to do it again. xo Diana

  2. I keep all my images on an external hard drive that has so much memory I'd never use it all. I only keep the present images on my computer to free up space. I'm much better at deleting now than I used to be. My other downfall is keeping the original image, the resized image, the resized image with editing and the final resized image in jpg format for use on my site.
    Can't give you any advice on Google as I don't use there sites at all. One thing I love is Dropbox ... can take an image on my phone, put it in dropbox and it magically appears on all my other computers and iPads.

  3. Love the images . . .
    Can't offer a thing on the back up thingy . . .
    Not sure why anyone would eat saurcrourt, real or from a jar . . .
    White, deep, piles and piles and more on the way here . . .
    Happy deleting . . .

  4. I would not have won the spelling bee . . .

  5. Fantastic photos . I hear you bot Papa and I had to do a clean up of photos on our computers between the two of us we had over 100.000 photos WOW ! it took us a week or so to go through them all . I take more photos then he does but still WOW ! We both use Lightroom to catalog , organize our photos and we both use it for adjustments or touch ups as we both photograph in raw Papa also uses Photo shop we keep our photos on external drives as we both have one for our computers . It is always a good idea to have a clean up of photos on the computer cause that's also a good way to find photos you forgot you had . Good post . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Beautiful frosty photo! I understand trimming down the massive amount of digital stuff. Good luck on reaching your goal. I don't know anything about the back up since I don't use Google Chrome. But, homemade sauerkraut, I remember my mom making it. She would put it in a large crock and check it every few days. It was indeed salty, it took a lot of rinsing to remove most of it.

    Enjoyed your post

  7. I love that first photo! It looks like an illustration. Gorgeous. I've gone through some of my photos in the past and it's exhausting work. Yes, although I've never given it serious thought, I think my photos do transport me to the moment when I took them. I've never made sauerkraut, but coincidentally, I'm going through a sauerkraut faze. It's a little too cold and vinegary for me, straight out of the fridge. I prefer it when it's sauteed with onions in a frying pan. It really mellows the flavour out. So yummy.

  8. Mega, mega wow-ish first photo!

    I have two external hard-drives with everything the same on - in other words, I have everything backed up twice. I have smaller, portable hard-drives with less memory too - so that's three! I've learnt never to delete anything. Absolutely nothing! I kept deleting good pictures by mistake. Even fuzzy pictures I keep just for the sake of not deleting the good ones next to them!

    Google backup - sorry, don't know anything about it. But I do re-size all the photos I put on my blogs now so I stay within my free quota.

    Remembering the moment - not only do I remember the moment I clicked the camera, sometimes, I'll stand and look at a scene and frame it as if I'm looking through a lens, click an imaginary shutter in my brain and preserve what I'm looking at that way. I have a terrible memory but that seems to work - and I reckon that, when I'm old and maybe can't see too well, I'll be able to sit in my chair and go through my internal hard-drive and look at my life.

  9. I have two no three external hard drives, was going through my discs yesterday. I may start backing up on discs as well. No i have never heard of the Google back up system. I don't use the Chrome browser. I adore your images especially the leaves, the fine details in textures. Just lovely! I have been using Photobucket for years. I pay for it on a yearly basis. I have never found it slow. Good spot to archive your photos. I don't like sauerkraut so I can't help you with that.

  10. I love the frosty leaves. They are so beautiful. It's nice to hear that you have some brown showing where the snow has melted a bit. March will be much kinder…..I hope. It's really cold here in Calgary today at -18. Back home in NB they've had some milder days then more cold will move in….but not -18! I need to get back to deleting photos. So many are not used and never looked at again. We did a photo shoot at Lake Louise yesterday and I ended up deleting several as someone's eyes were closed. No point in keeping them as they won't be used. I have a friend who take thousands of photos and keeps every single one - the good, the bad and the ugly. What a waste of space eh? Have a great week ahead Jen. Hopefully there will be more spring promise in your yard.

  11. this year I'm concentrating on editing old blog posts. Next year ... I'll think about editing photos. For now I rely on having the photos on both laptops ... but I need a better backup system.

  12. I use google chrome and I am enjoying the backup system-it works for me.
    Your photos always, amaze, delight and intrigue me-glad Winter is giving up!

  13. I didn't know Google had a backup. I have two external Simple Saves...but I need to do exactly what you are doing..for days.. Just not yet! I thought those were White Rock photos:) Sauerkraut is an art...has it sat in a crock with a plate on top with a rock on the plate for a good long time. I don't think my Mother or Grandma ever rinsed was wonderful are making me hungry now. Keep on keeping on!! :)

  14. You are making progress:) The bottom two photos look to me like infinity, traveling, what will the future hold.... I have albums of photos from when my children were born/little/growing up and I LOVE looking through photos and being transported back to that time, the happiest times of my life. I save digital photos and still have prints made ~ I like the continuity of looking at photos over time in sequence, at the same time, as in pages in an old-fashioned album. I get lost in the images and memories and savor every moment. I just ordered photos printed to share with my mom, to add to my album, and to contribute to the album I've started for my grandson. Family archives are important.

  15. These shots are fabulous! Works of art. Love the first and last ones.

  16. I do use Chrome as a browser but did not know about the backup. Wonderful photos here, Jen.

    I have made many a home made thing (Sometimes once is enough and never did it again, such as home made noodles...) but never kraut ....sounds like fun! :)

  17. I love the photos you chose for your post today. I can't really comment on deleting, snow, sauerkraut but I do have an answer to looking at photos. That's one of our favorite parts of an outing....reliving the moments we saw what we took photos of. We have a photo frame that does a slideshow on our wall above the piano and we stop and we stop and stare at it from time to feel the ocean or see photos of friends and family. I love photos and don't ever delete a single one. Happy Monday!

  18. Those frosty leaves in your photos are likely covered in snow today. It's a white world out there. Snow in December and even January, I welcome. This stuff has arrived just a wee bit too late for me to enjoy. We did go for a walk as it fell yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the unusual view of a white city.
    I back up to an external hard drive (ahem, needs to be done again). I'm not fond of cloud storage of any kind. Don't use Google Chrome anymore, so I can't help you there. I'm equally ignorant about sauerkraut although I'm not averse to having some with sausages once in awhile.
    Have fun deleting - if that's possible. You'll feel so satisfied at the end of the process.

  19. The first photo, the frosty leaves, is FANTASTIC! Wow. That would be beautiful as a large framed photo on a wall. The other photos are really outstanding too. What a gift you have for capturing awesome images.

    No sauerkraut for me!!

  20. G manages the backup around here, which is fine by me. I've recently been tasked with a photo purge, though. I have a hard time hitting the delete button sometimes, especially on pictures of Miss S. It's so permanent and that day, that stage, that moment is gone. On the other hand, it's easier to look through and use and enjoy the photos when there aren't more bad, blurry shots than good ones to flip through. On a related topic, do you print your pictures, Jen?

  21. I look back at many of my photos and say UGH. Don't really want to remember them. (unlike your gorgeous ones). I don't know anything about the Google backup. Will have to look it up. Don't like sauerkraut. Well, this was an uplifting comment :)

  22. I do often return to that time when I took a photo and the exhilaration I felt. It is so very difficult to sort through photographs and decide what to keep and what to delete. The original viewing of each one pares things down a little. But then when I return to view the photos several months later I end up paring them down even more. It is hard to set a number to keep them to, as you might lose special photos. I, too, have been "paring down" and it is usually easier when I return to them a few months later. Then I can see them in a more critical way.

  23. See. I knew that you had at least a thousand photos. I really like the leaves. I am into browns these days. The grain track is great, too.

  24. Jen...I have to apologize. Again I have friends falling off my blog roll so I've had to Re-Follow. So here I am, tail between my legs.

    I am still learning the ropes with my camera as well as how photos are stored. My husband was convinced that my laptop was running slow because of all the photos I have, so my daughter saved 3 years worth on this little gadget that plugs into the laptop. That's really all I know. I can retrieve these photos if need be.

    I am swooning over your header picture as well as the ones in this blog. Very, very pretty. A little haunting. In a good way!

    Take care, I think I'm back on track now.


  25. Praying for you as you go through photos. I know it is hard work. I have not done it in awhile, you are inspiring me to get back at it.

  26. Yummm...sauerkraut from scratch, that sounds so good! I made a batch of pickled red onion rings last night, that's as close I get to pickling right now.

    Forgot to mention before, if you are looking for an organic source for hemp protein powder from Manitoba Harvest, I noted several types at this morning. Really good prices too and their shipping rates to Canada are very reasonable.

  27. Oh yes, I know that feeling you describe. I can recall which year it was as well because everything in my archives correlates to a date that ends up cemented in my brain. Wild isn't it?

  28. Let's see, sometimes on the 'deja vu' feeling when viewing some of my photos, no idea about Google since I don't use Chrome and echoing the comments of Lynne, why in the heck would anyone want to eat sauerkraut?! Lovely frosty images Jen, stay warm as the vortex veers our way, hopefully it will veer back North real soon! Deb

  29. 1. Beautiful photos--especially the leaf ones. We're all missing color, but you found it there.
    2. I SO need to delete photos from my files! But then I get caught up in an old one I see new possibilities for and start messing with it. Then it's time to do something else like make dinner or go to sleep.
    3. All I have for back-up is an external hard-drive. Does one need more? I'm really asking.
    4. Love sauerkraut. Where are the pics of it?

  30. I need to back up my pics one of these days...I thought about making sauerkraut but haven't yet. I buy an organic unpasteurized one in the grocery store that is of the best probiotics you can eat.


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