Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dashing through the snow

Big snow Horse standing at fence

The first snowfalls in the land of the big skies are magical.
Cloaking the world around us with softness, wiping clean the memories of last winter.
Winter welcomed with open arms.
The anticipation of Christmas, the joy of the season, it’s enough to keep us warm. 
We pause to take a breath and be fully immersed in the novelty of snow fluff.

Big snow Okanagan barns

The soft glow of the sun as it tries to climb out of the clouds infuses every inch of the outdoors with pearly tones. 
Come outside, it’s not as unforgiving as it looks, it lies to us, and we believe it.  Anything to see beyond the four walls of stifling indoors.
Fingers numb, toes cold, skin bracing, nose prickling, it’s well worth the effort to bend limbs stuffed with multiple layers into jacket sleeves in order to capture this frosty glow.
We are pioneers, we are strong, we lie to ourselves, look at us dashing through the snow, camera in hand, how brave.  Look no mittens.
It’s a winter wonderland, fence posts laden with snow like candy canes, and sugar plums to our eyes.  See that tree, the bare branches piled high with white, the road even looks like sugar dust.  Click, and hold the camera to our warm bodies as it’s battery dies down…just one more shot, pleeeease. 

Big snow Okanagan loafing barn

The warning signs of frostbite, numbness in the button pushing bare finger ignored as worth the cost of agonizing tingles to come later.  We are tasked with capturing brown branches sprinkled with white garland, a dusting so light it blows away with our breath.
Click as the birds soar above our heads, everything looks magical in this light.  We are in danger of shattering with the cold, clouding over brings a chill unwelcome, but we must capture the light…and then it’s gone. 
Hidden behind a cloud, it cries tears of snow as it goes.

Big snow Okanagan golden fir

Warm memories of heated rooms, and purring cats draw us home.
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening….

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  1. I am definitely listening, and I hear them!! Those shots are just magical, Jen! And how I love that header. What perfect composition. sigh. Please give that horse a sugar lump for me. :-)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Jen! We are enjoying the cozy warmth of our home today as the snow falls. I have a question. When the cursor crosses your photos, there are labels that come up to describe them. Sometimes I see them with a persons blog name, that kind of identifies the photos as theirs. How do you do that? Thanks. Pam

    1. Hi Pamela, it's a good idea to rename each image because otherwise it only shows up as a jpeg number. I use LIightroom to edit my photos, and also Picmonkey when they are for the blog.

      For Picmonkey, replace the jpeg number that comes up on the description of the image when you save it, with something that describes the image. Search engines love that, and it's much better then just a jpeg number.


    2. I use Picasa so I wonder how that is done on it. Hmmmm. Does it link the photo to your blog so it can't be 'stolen'? Is there a way to do that too?

  3. You paint beautiful word pictures to complement your photography! We're enjoying some gloriously warm weather right now, with winds from the south bringing our temperatures above zero for the next few days, before it plummets again on the weekend. It's a nice break from the cold stuff. Keep warm!

  4. Frosty fingers created some wonderful photos . . . and I heard sleigh bells . . .

  5. Oh risked frostbite to bring us these beautiful photos! They are much appreciated. You have caught the beauty and stillness and serenity of your countryside. And as always, you are so poetic.

    I hope this holiday season is treating you well. I saw a comment of yours on a blog and realized it had been awhile since I stopped by. Sure enough, I had fallen off your Follower List so you haven't come up on my blogroll. This is all a mystery to me, but I added myself back.

    Hope you stay warm(er) this weekend! :)


  6. Jen, each post is like a scene in a movie or a chapter in a slide show. You capture the essence of your surroundings so beautifully that it's a pleasure to return again and again....

  7. Such a beautiful site today Jen. hope you are now warm and drinking hot chocolate.

  8. Wow, fabulous images today, love the horse!

  9. Snow, snow everywhere boy it looks cold.

  10. What a winter wonderland indeed Jen.

  11. Sounds so familiar, Jen. I was out the other day taking photos and it wasn't even that cold, but my fingers numbed up so fast. It's so annoying. I'd be much more enthusiastic about winter photography if it wasn't so dang cold. ;-)

  12. I want snow ... I want snow ... I want snow ... we haven't had one little flake yet, and while that is good from a practical point of view,I'd give anything for a crunchy wellie walk through freshly fallen drifts!

  13. I can feel the snow and smell the cold air thanks to your wonderful words and images, Jen. Only dreaming of snow here. It will be back up near 60 degrees on Friday. Fickle winter. xo Laura

  14. Oh I am listening. I hear them, althought we are in a warming trend right now. Still snow on the ground. The green wrapped hay balled look festive. They need a big red bow.

  15. Oh my, hard to believe that you aren't that far away from here. No snow left this morning and sunny plus 5 day out there.

    These are just magical Jen, I LOVE the horse photo most of all. The contrast on that one for colors is stunning too. :<)

  16. Your words and your camera work like a well oiled machine. Whether its rain, heat or freezing out, the team is at work. Beautiful post today!!!

  17. We just got a fresh new dump of snow this morning. While pretty, it makes me sad. Your photos are beautiful my friend!
    xo Catherine

  18. What a great post. How lovely to thoroughly enjoy the first snow and its effects.

  19. Gorgeous gorgeous! I'm so jealous as we're having a green winter so far. Please send us some snow!

  20. Beautiful, as always, Jen. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  21. Ack is has been snowing everyday since it warned can stop already! Your torquoise bales look like they belong now:)

  22. Lovely snowscapes. Getting out can be a challenge in the winter (or any time) but it's always worth it, isn't it.

  23. Jen, I appreciate your bone-chilling endeavors to capture the idyllic winter season for us, especially since I am far more likely to see mud this winter than snow! Your photos are definitely worth the effort, in my opinion. Can I entice you to make more? I especially love the photo of the horse!

  24. A beautiful way to describe what we go through to get that shot in the wintertime! It paid off - your photos are lovely!


  25. Thank you for this beautiful post, Jen. As a self-proclaimed weather wuss, I don't like winter. At all. But your photos and prose show the beautiful side of the season and I appreciate that. Merry Christmas my friend.

  26. I've had your blog open on my computer all day to go back and look at these photos...over and over again! Breathtaking! A winter wonderland. Wishing you the happiest holiday season my friend! Get back inside and get warm! HUGS!

  27. Awesome post and photos . Love your jingles put in your writings ! Have a good day !


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