Friday, January 30, 2015

Legacy blogging leaving it for the future

A young couple wander hand in hand through a museum exhibit, in a large echoing building with high ceilings.

Brightly lit, open spaces filled with items from the past, collections from each century artfully and creatively displayed.

As they come to a pause before a exhibit on electronics a virtual screen appears and fills the air in front of the display, with information, graphics, and videos.

The couple interacts with the information by momentarily settling their glance on a topic and the screen expands that subject for them.

Blogging Legacy, birds nest and antique postcard images
When they reach one titled "Internet, the early days" the young woman pauses, a quizzical look on her face and says to her husband..."I think Great Granny used to do that."

I remember Mom telling me stories about Bloggers when I was young...

Another screen appears in front of them...explaining the purpose of the Internet, and the popularity of Blogging in the 21st century. 

With a curious look on her face, she recites a name into the air, and watches as the hovering virtual screen brings up the blog of her Great Grandmother from nearly a century ago.

She excitedly turns to her husband and tells him..."I thought it was just something that Mom used to talk about. I had no idea that they could still be found after all these years."

She points to a photo saying "Oh my goodness, there's Great Granny. And that little girl must be Grandma, I've never seen these images before, look at how cute she was.  Do you think that's a laptop she's holding, I remember learning about those in history class. "  

She quickly downloads the information from the screen to a small device she's holding in her hand, and with a huge smile on her face tells her husband, "imagine the look on Mom and Dad's faces when I show this to them..."

Birds nest, antique postcards

What will our blogs leave behind?

Family heirlooms come in many different versions, objects handed down from generation to generation.  Antique silver, furniture, love letters from our Grandparents, they are all treasures from our past.

Imagine our blogs decades later,....a century from now how will the future generations perceive what we are doing from their vantage point.

Our blogs are our legacy, a modern memory in the making.  Keeping track of what our life are like, trends, our reasons for blogging, our lives as we live them. 

The things that we find important now, the challenges, and joys that we face today, what the future holds for us is going of interest for the future generations.

And do you think it will matter? 

The photos that we decide to share in our posts will show the changes in the landscape of the countryside, cities, the world, and our lives, to those looking at them in the future. 

The growth of our families, the memories of those no longer here. 

There are many different types of bloggers, those who are involved in selling products, writing posts that inform us, the creatives who share their art, an the story tellers who transport us to places of the imagination.  

We might all blog for different reasons, or use a mixture of many different styles to get our message across.  

I do!

But it's all blogging, and it's a legacy for the future.

It makes you realize this isn't just a blog, a hobby, or a business.  

That we are so much more than bloggers...

It's a lifestyle, a way of sharing more than information, stories, our photos.  

And we are recorders of the order to be sharing, centuries from now, what life was like when we were alive.

A legacy if you will.

Antique journal, and birds nest, silver spoon

Kind of cool...don't you think?

Quite a few bloggers left comments about their blogs being a means to record memories for their families, chronicling daily events, happenings, sharing life as they're living it from day to day.

We read each others blogs, we write about many different subjects, but we don't seem to fit neatly into popular niches, and that always makes me wonder.

What type of bloggers we are.

I'm not sure if you ever think about it, or if it's even important to you.  

There are times when I think it would be nice to be able to say, I'm a ____ type of blogger. 

Easier for sure...yes, I'm a X or Y type of blogger.

Maybe we all all Legacy bloggers.

It's not as if we have to squeeze into a niche, or edge over to another...

But here's what I think ....the subjects that you write about today, photograph, and share's not just a blog post for your online friends, and family who might read your post.  

But a historical record for the generations to come, and who better to record this day and time then us?
It's our legacy for the future.  

Can you imagine....decades from now, how much information the future generations will be able to delve from our blogs.

Something to think about the next time you hit publish.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On a Wednesday - January thaws

My world on a Wednesday a gathering of scattered fragments, and moments  bundled together into a small fraction of the day when life doesn't intrude.  

It's the microwaves turn to hum.

Keeping time.

With the drips from the roof.

Handle spinning around like a carousal, the frothy milk threatens to bubble over the glass container.  

Homemade yogurt for breakfast tomorrow. 

Hot pan, butter scented sizzle crowds the kitchen.  

Cat pushes past my leg, hinting, hopeful, long ago fed, big eyed stare, he wins.

And accepts his treat with a smirk of feline triumph.

Declines a cuddle, heads for the heat.

Fickle creature.

The sound of the Eagle's keening comes through the open door.

Kitty plays the role of indoor cat for now, fly by dinners should be feathered, not fur. 

Through every window a scene of Winter's latest gift of snow lays.  

Like a discarded white jacket, one size too small.

Bulging out over the landscape where it is torn.  

Leaving us longing for a fresh coat to cover up the disarray.

January is a messy month. 

Camera clicks.

I love that sound.

It makes my heart sing.

Dishes clink, light shines, fades, moves throughout the rooms.

Candy hearts scattered on a painted board tempt.

Tea brewed, poured, photographed, and drank in antique cups. 

Days stretch, drips fall, light lengthens.

For now it's enough to wait for the light.

Dash outside to catch the sun.

Walk the country roads, and catch my breath as the sun sinks far away.

Coating the folds of the mountains and their fog shrouded valleys in a shimmering light.

A stunning patchwork quilt that tucks them in for the night.

Fields white with snow, shiver against the dark silhouettes as the light drops.

Stoic and bare, the trees stand guard feet frozen into the soil, tips golden with delight from the long limbs of the sun.

My heart sings 

Feet crunch the gravel.

Headed for home.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

 Contains: 100% Canadian content.
 All images and text original to Jen Vandervoort