Friday, August 29, 2014

If we were to meet?

Want to play a little game?

It might make you think about yourself, it might even make you it did to me.  Yes, just a touch uncomfortable…some of us are more than fine describing ourselves in public…“I’m 5 foot 11, a supermodel, long wavy shiny perfect hair, flawless skin, eyes so deep they mirror pools of unfettered depths…”

Well, right that leaves the rest of us well…ahem…well most of us are simply going to say I’m short, tall, slim, not so slim, nice, loud, quiet, friendly, shy…you know, the real us.  And sometimes it’s not easy to describe yourself in a way that brings across your inner essence to others. Long shadows

I’ve been tweaking my about page, and it’s still got lots of road to cover, it’s not easy to describe myself…physically is easy, tall, 6.1 feet to be exact, blonde, natural, and, dare I say still slender, hmmm maybe on a good day, with perfect light, and when I am sucking it all in…I’m thinner then I am thicker, in most places, lol.

Middle aged, ugh. Really, how did that happen?

Tall, curly haired, with some grey starting to show, and right now I don’t look my age, but I am sure that will change.

I am still kind to everyone I meet? How about the nuances, the parts of me that I want to share, the life, the heart of my nature? 

Not so easy…come across as too candid, and who wants to know about that, too circumspect, and I come across as well not me.

Trying to find a balance in describing myself is like trying to describe my blogging and photography style in a few words.  Light and life, through my lens….that’s me. 

I’m curious, independent, and creative. 

So let’s play, and you have to do all this in 10 words or less….yes 10. 


At first I was thinking, that’s a lot of words.

And as I thought it through, I decided hey, it’s my game, my rules…so, why not mix it up a little.

3 words to describe you physically.  Tall short med you know the drill.

4 words to describe your personality.

That makes 8 words, whoops I mean 7, no one said math was my strong point, except in photography. The golden rule stuff and all that.

And a extra 3 words to tell what you can do in life. 

Bootsie and grass

There that’s a fully rounded out 10 words in total that you can use to describe yourself.

WAIT, don’t start yet. 

This is for fun, it’s not for real, it’s not competitive, it’s not mean by any ways or means…no pun intended. 

Oh, and did I tell you that you have 2.5 minutes to do it all in? 

Yes, 2 and one half minutes to describe yourself in a coherent and artfully descriptive way in only 10 total words.

Go for it.

Tall, blonde, [really, truly I am] slender, [oh sure I am].

Funny, pleasant, honest, reserved, [no really I am]

Photographer [by heart] creative, oh this last one is hard….hmmm.

Catlover!  [I know, technically it’s two words, but meow to you too.

There, and all in one a quarter minutes.

3 words to describe you physically.

4 words to describe your personality.

3 words to describe what you can do in life.

And you have 2.5 minutes to do it in.

Leave yours in the comments.

Now let’s see yours.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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Why am I asking you to share my posts? 

I know, how very cheeky of me…or is it? 

It’s just that we bloggers spend so much time taking our original photos, choosing, editing, writing, and rewriting words to tell our stories, and weave our words…only to find that we get lost in the huge amount of blog posts published daily out there. 

Sometimes it’s discouraging to realize that we reach so few people no matter how hard we work.

But you can help, and it’s simple.

If you like my posts, or any other Bloggers for that matter, please consider clicking on their share buttons…a click will do so much, so please…expose us! 

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Monday, August 25, 2014

System restore


I have this feeling.

Stronger then a theory, a determination, an absolute realization that to me at least, this is true.  Life gives us a reset button to keep inside our hearts, at the oddest times.  Not always when things are calm, and peaceful…sometimes it gives it to you when you least expect it.  blue bucket with bokah

When you don’t know that you need it, and even when you are not looking for it.

It’s a system restore point, just like your computer makes before it starts downloading a update.  A safe spot, a chance to breath, to catch your breath, and a time to go back to if things are not right.

A moment when everything stops, and instead of hitting fast forward, something in you hits record.

You’re creating a moment, a memory, a point in your life.

A time where although it’s not perfect, it’s wonderful. 

And you might find yourself going back to that point many times when you are stressed, or upset. 

It’s there for a reason, it’s your “happy” place, it’s a moment of peace in your life, it’s a life line, a rock, a island.

It’s a small space of time, however brief that allows you to mentally reset, and move forward stronger.

Refreshed, and ready to face whatever life throws at you.

Pay attention to those moments, they are not going to stand up and cheer at you, waving arms, and yelling hoorays, they might be more subtle then you think.

Keep your eyes open, your heart free, and if you watch out something might dart from the corner of your eye, or you might feel a flutter in your heart.  It might be while you relax and take a deep breath.

It might be during a creative spell, listening to music, or hearing the voice of a good friend when you pick up the phone.

A feeling, knowledge that life doesn’t have to be perfect, in order to be wonderful.

That’s your system restore moment. 

And when you need a place to retreat to, a moment to reflect, your mind will go there.

Hydrangea sunstream

That photo of the blue bucket up there…it’s one of my system restore moments. It was early in the morning, I was stiff, unbending, but I had to capture that light streaming through the blue, even if it meant going all the way back upstairs, grabbing the camera, changing the lens, and digging out a fresh memory card, and forcing myself to bend sideways in my housecoat, hoping the neighbour wasn’t yet up, [he wasn’t]. 

It was needed, and I am glad that I did it. In the middle of a dark and cold winter this shot is going to warm my heart. The sun sparkling, the knowledge that it was only going to be there for a few minutes, and then gone again for a year, it’s a moment, and it was mine.

Not every system restore moment is a camera shot.

In our journey with my Dad, there has been so much heartbreak, sadness, despair at times.  It hurts, and it will continue to hurt, I know that.  But it’s awful to see him slip away from us, forgetting names, things, losing so many words.  It’s part of the dementia disease to go through this…and it hurts. 

Sometimes you will not know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.

We are hanging onto what ever we can with him, moments, conversations, feelings, hoarding them, keeping them close to our hearts. 

But still he continues to slip further away.

One tactile memory I am keeping in my heart is also a system restore moment for me, I find myself going back and remembering the sensation…my Dad steady enough with his walker that I can carefully link my arm through his…walking along besides him, my hand laying on his forearm, no longer the strongest forearm I had ever seen…the skin now transparent, thinner, fragile, but still my Dad.

Rusty raven

A system restore point can be anything, cold ice cream on a hot day…giggling as you lick up the melting sweetness.  A summer snapshot of the golden sun retiring for the day slipping through the tall grass, golden caresses on the weeds. 

The way the light creates shadows on a wall, over a leaf, sun streaming through petals.

The purr of a cat, the wet nuzzle of a dog.

The chubby curve of a toddlers cheek.

Frogs croaking outside your wide open window, fresh late summer air streaming in.

The twirl of a skirt against your legs.

Water color paints in a box, a fresh page in a journal and you having so many ideas to contribute to it.

A dew covered flower bud ready to burst.

Blink, memorize it, feel it fully embed in your memory. 

It’s a moment and it’s yours.

It’s a system restore point.

Have you felt those moments that become memories while they happen, or do you realize later that’s what they are?  Does your brain go through your memories at night, sorting, distributing, pondering….



Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer, I can smell Autumn on your breath


You’ve been cheating on me Summer…you said you would be so true.

You promised.

White clouds and green grass, blossoms, highlights, ice clinking in frosted glasses.

But lately I’ve realized that ….

Find joy

I can smell Autumn.


The sweet scent of ripening apples.

I can see it in your eyes.

You’ve been wandering, casting your gaze over towards the other side, and it’s not fair.

You promised, you told us that it wouldn’t happen, and we believed you.

Completely trusted you, and you have betrayed us.

Every morning we got up, and thanked you for your warmth.

Golden, reaching through petals, leaves turning, sunlight streaming.

Each night we were grateful our skin smelling like sun, hair tousled, gardens satiated with growth.

Why isn’t that enough Summer?

What more could we give you?

It’s cooler here, you have been giving me the cold shoulder..and it’s not because I’m sleeveless.

Barefooted tan, sockless feet.

Last night, the very middle of the night, in that inky humid darkness, you crept out.

You met Autumn for your tryst.

How dare you lie to my face this morning.

“I can see it in your eyes and feel it in the way you kiss my lips
I can hear it in your voice whenever we are talking like this”

Gordon Lightfoot  The circle is small.
I can see it in your eyes Summer….you’re cheating on us.
Summer fields 
The thundershowers with their deluge of liquid, soaking, tempering, flattening, the lightning that woke us at night….

Summer you….you…I’ve lost my words just as you have lost your interest in us.

I see you waning, disappearing when you think we are not looking.

I can see it in the way you cast your light.

And then you return from behind cloud cover, intense, harsh, strongly denying any wrongdoing.

As if by acting like nothing had happened will make it so.

You lied.

Your light shines golden, but untruthful.

Shed in field

The garden knew all along, it’s conspiring with you.

Covering up, hiding your flaws, doing it’s best to take our gaze somewhere else.

Look here at my bright flowers, don’t look over there.

Each morning it lifts it head, and lies just like you do.

it’s all fine it tells us, it’s all going to last forever…no really it is.

Fence in field

The fields have told the truth, golden waves, chopped down by big machines, clouds of dust rising over the mountains..too soon they said.

The geese are calling from the sky.

The leaves are turning away from us.

Tell me the truth Summer, because I need to know…where do you go?

And why?


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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