Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer, I can smell Autumn on your breath


You’ve been cheating on me Summer…you said you would be so true.

You promised.

White clouds and green grass, blossoms, highlights, ice clinking in frosted glasses.

But lately I’ve realized that ….

Find joy

I can smell Autumn.


The sweet scent of ripening apples.

I can see it in your eyes.

You’ve been wandering, casting your gaze over towards the other side, and it’s not fair.

You promised, you told us that it wouldn’t happen, and we believed you.

Completely trusted you, and you have betrayed us.

Every morning we got up, and thanked you for your warmth.

Golden, reaching through petals, leaves turning, sunlight streaming.

Each night we were grateful our skin smelling like sun, hair tousled, gardens satiated with growth.

Why isn’t that enough Summer?

What more could we give you?

It’s cooler here, you have been giving me the cold shoulder..and it’s not because I’m sleeveless.

Barefooted tan, sockless feet.

Last night, the very middle of the night, in that inky humid darkness, you crept out.

You met Autumn for your tryst.

How dare you lie to my face this morning.

“I can see it in your eyes and feel it in the way you kiss my lips
I can hear it in your voice whenever we are talking like this”

Gordon Lightfoot  The circle is small.
I can see it in your eyes Summer….you’re cheating on us.
Summer fields 
The thundershowers with their deluge of liquid, soaking, tempering, flattening, the lightning that woke us at night….

Summer you….you…I’ve lost my words just as you have lost your interest in us.

I see you waning, disappearing when you think we are not looking.

I can see it in the way you cast your light.

And then you return from behind cloud cover, intense, harsh, strongly denying any wrongdoing.

As if by acting like nothing had happened will make it so.

You lied.

Your light shines golden, but untruthful.

Shed in field

The garden knew all along, it’s conspiring with you.

Covering up, hiding your flaws, doing it’s best to take our gaze somewhere else.

Look here at my bright flowers, don’t look over there.

Each morning it lifts it head, and lies just like you do.

it’s all fine it tells us, it’s all going to last forever…no really it is.

Fence in field

The fields have told the truth, golden waves, chopped down by big machines, clouds of dust rising over the mountains..too soon they said.

The geese are calling from the sky.

The leaves are turning away from us.

Tell me the truth Summer, because I need to know…where do you go?

And why?


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pint sized preserves


In the best rendition of “my eyes are bigger then any stomach…”

I went a bought a entire case of peaches.

Actually I sent my beloved to get them.Peaches and cookbook

But the sentiment is still the same.


Oh foolish, silly me.


Peaches have to rank up there as the one of the best summer fruits to make you rhapsodize over sweet juice dribbling down your chin.

Piquant taste bursts in your mouth.

Is this not summer in a round sphere?

Oh my goodness yes, kind of thing?

So no, not foolish me…not silly at all.

In fact maybe I should have bought two cases.

I’m planning on living on the wild side here folks.

But peaches have one drawback, when they are ready, they are ready…come what ever may be, they need to be seen to.

The fact that we were to help our friend move another trailer full of his household goodies into his new place.

Along with a minor a one day heat wave will not deter the peaches from declaring “we are ready.”

And so they were.

And I was not.

But did they care?


Peach cookbook

They didn’t care that I got home sweaty, and tired in the mid afternoon, that the house was heating up, just as my love for peaches that were perfectly ripe and needed to be processed TODAY was cooling down.

They needed to be dealt with, and deal with them I did.

No languid afternoon nap in the summer heat, with the Boo snoring gently by my feet.

Peaches piled on cookbook

I processed pints of peach jam, jars of peach barbeque sauce, and I even am in the middle of dehydrating peaches, and freezing slices of them for later.

Now who’s in charge here?  Take that you pastel pouting perfect peaches.

Well, most of them I guess, there are still about 15 sitting on my counter, sulking, sassy little spheres that they are…but they are destined for greatness tomorrow.

And the root of all this inspiration?

Preserving by the pint, a new book by Marisa McClellan, who in her adult hood while living in a high-rise, so this works for all of us…rediscovered canning.  And thank goodness for that.

Peach BBQ sauce

The best part is that Marisa has broken down the heavy handed vintage recipes into something that any one loving small batches can easily manage.  She works with small case of peaches required, unless of course you wish to have peach perfection, flowing and over flowing on your counter.  Then go for it, and make more then a few recipes like I did.

I’m inspired, and rediscovering the joy of canning through this book.

My childhood memories of canning involved my mom, peeling endless batches of peaches in a hot steamy kitchen which yielded golden gems that glistened on the counter tops until they were secreted away somewhere cool for winter.

Oh so sweet, succulent, but so much work, they were her gift to us in the dark days of the cold season.  We loved the cherished jars of sweet treats, and they were doled out carefully…I vowed not to be a slave to summer fruit. 

Especially since all of her hard work paid off with the severe allergies to stone fruits that she suffers from now.

Frog and peaches

Marisa’s blog has recipes that will inspire you to create your very own small batches. 

From honey sweetened peach vanilla jam, to cranberry marmalade with apricots, and strawberry lavender caramel…stop drooling over the screen.

Get those canning jars into the dishwasher, grab that fruit, and go to town!

I mean get canning.

Now will it be Brown sugar salted peach jam first, or peach sriracha jam?


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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Friday, August 15, 2014

Inspirations to fan your creative spark


Creativity is like the surf washing over your feet on the beach.  It’s either coming in, or going out.

Is it up to you which way the creative surf goes. 

What inspires you? 

Calm, reflection, space, peace? Tranquility?  Long shadows

Or chaos, choice, and stimulation?

How do other creative people find time to come up with ideas, plans, and projects, and still fit life in between.

My camera is sitting there, forlorn, forgotten, creativity is the first thing to go when I am busy with family, and life. 

This is hands down the best time in the entire year to take photos. 

The light is golden, soft, pearly, the skies are bright, and I just can’t get myself out there to take a shot.

The camera glares angrily at me with it’s Cyclops eye…but it’s too hot, to heavy, to sweaty out there.

As much as I love summer, I’m tired.  Who sleeps in this kind of weather, I get up at 5 am, because I can’t sleep.

All day long there are things to be done, gardens to water, life to live, any excuse right?

Creativity comes in so many forms, versions, ways, it’s the doodle on a envelope while waiting on the phone. 

It’s inspiration, seeing old things in a new light. Doing something new, and different, doing the same thing but looking at it from a different angle.

Allowing yourself to daydream, to visually create in your mind something beautiful, written, painted, photographed.  It’s not something we can force, but have to allow it to bloom, it takes time.

Use prompts, there are so many wonderful lists, for writing, blogging, and for photography…I should take my own advice right?  I will one day….soon, just as it cools down, and I can venture out without turning into a puddle of mush.

Create a list of your own to inspire you.  Choose a word, a phrase, a topic, brainstorm.

Try Instagram, a photo a day, a meme, a linkup.

Day Lily at dusk

Allow the ideas to wash over your brain, just like the surf of the ocean.  Write them down for later if you don’t have time, or the inclination to do them right now.

I found this interesting article, 8 tips for productive blogging, written by Angie, of Real Life at Home.

Oh my goodness, #3…yes Angie you are so right, it’s more like a hour, more on that coming one day,

Visualize, envision yourself creating…

Keep it in your mind, allow it time to bloom

Do something that inspires you each day.

Life hack has 30 tips to rejuvenate your creativity…I challenge you to try a few, I challenge me.

Do you pick up a different type of camera…I’ve been using my cell phone, I like shooting with a different perspective.

Dandilion fluff in sunset

Do you doodle, do you daydream?

Make a commitment to a journal, write in it everyday…even if it’s only a few lines…practice makes you create something at the very least.

Stay away from social media, dive into social media?

Taking shots just to force yourself to pick up the camera?

Getting up earlier, staying up later.



Working with a group, working alone, working with a partner.  I love those thousands of miles apart photos…one day maybe I will hook up with someone and create one of those.

It’s to easy to go with the flow, to sit back and wait for it to come to you.  Get out there, demand it, insist on creativity, work for it, sweat…and not just from the heat. 


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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