Friday, February 27, 2015

Confessions of a Wannabe organized blogger

I've got a friend who exquisitely files and organizes everything.  From her silverware, and dishes, to her paperwork. She is the Martha Stewart of my life, so super organized she can put her finger onto anything you ask her to produce, dishes, documents, and the warranty for any appliance, no matter how old.


I admire her organizational skills, and part of me is asking?

How do you do it?  

Did you learn it, where you born with this skill?  

Is there a class that I missed, did I misfile the ability somewhere between lost socks, and the cat demanding lunch at 10 am?

I struggle to organize my thoughts, to be able to put them on the screen in a manner that is readable and interesting.

We know it takes time to write a interesting blog post, and that good content takes effort.
You've heard the phrase, "time expands to fill the space available" it's called Parkinson's law. 

The more time I have available the longer it takes to write my post.  It can take me all day if I were to let it, and it won't be any more organized.

Am I the only person this happens to?

For me writing a blog post is similar to making dinner from scratch.  I might start with plans for homemade pasta, Alfredo sauce, broccoli, consider those the outline of my blog post.

As I try to write down my thoughts the butter burnt, the cream curdled, and we ended up eating store bought pasta, and jarred sauce, with over cooked broccoli.  

It tasted OK, but it's wasn't what I had in mind when I began.

Learning how to transfer the jumble in my mind onto the computer screen is one of the hardest things for me.  The seat of your pants style of blogging has been my default for much too long, and I'm trying to improve by being more organized.  

Writing posts ahead of time still feels awkward, I'm still writing the night before, but I know that if I make something a good habit, it becomes much easier for me.


I'd like to be able to write a blog post in 20 minutes like this but I am far away from it.

Sometimes I need to trick my brain into using organizational tricks to get things done in time. I've been using these and they seem to be working.

  • Writing standing up, sitting down encourages me to daydream, and we all know that it's wonderful..but not going to get that post written.
  • Setting a timer, the more time I have the longer it takes me to write my post.
  • Drafting out a post, writing a outline, going back and filling in the details afterwards.
  • Retyping awkward sentences in CAPITAL LETTERS.  If I'm struggling with a word, I will just type it in caps so I can find it later and fix it.
  • Planning sheets from organized home they offer free printables, calendars, and to do lists that I've been using to organize my thoughts.

I'm in awe of bloggers who are able to write posts that flow effortlessly, the kind that make you wish you had written them.  

It's a journey, and each step we take to improve ourselves, brings us closer to being better bloggers.  

I need that on my wall...each step brings me further along my blogging journey....

I'm always on the lookout for more organizational tips to help my blogging, so if you have any tips that help you organize your blog posts, please let me know in your comments.


The big move update:  My move to Word Press is still a couple of weeks away, I've purchased my hosting, bought the Genesis framework, and picked a feminine theme I love.  I'll let you know the exact date of the move when we get a little closer, things should stay almost the same on your end. 

I understand changes to our routines can be difficult, and I am hoping that you will hang out with me no matter what platform I'm on.  I'm not changing who I am, or how I blog, what kind of shots I take, just where I do it.

Laura from I'm so Vintage is going through the process of changing her blog name, and URL, she wrote a post describing it here.  In the end, although changes might not be easy to go through, they help us grow in our blogging journeys.

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If the Blackbird sings?

Doors open onto land transformed.

Bird song echos through yards. 

Pitched off tree branches where sap runs bathed in light.


Quail scatter at the sight of. 

Sun warmed black cat's fur.

Following a meandering path through the garden.

Gracefully stepping over brown striped feathers.

Green sprouts, white snow, brown grass.

Sun pushes through faded summer blossoms, stained glass in muted tones.


Blue jays squawk, scatter compost clippings.

While denim colored feathers fly.

Cedar Waxwings trill in tree tops, replacing Eagles.

If the cock Pheasant crows.

And the Magpie builds it's nest with twigs.

Do we dare to question?

Can spring be far behind?

When the bird that is black sings?

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