Monday, October 20, 2014

Please linger a little while longer Autumn

It’s been said by many of us that Autumn is our favourite season.  And while I adore Autumn, and am loving the change in weather with the glorious flourishing of vibrant colors, I have to say that Fall is a fickle friend. 

You know what I mean. Bootsie in fall colors

The kind of friend that you fall into a little “crush” with, one who has that unique personality, those winning ways, the bright smile that lights up when you meet.

But only for a little while.

Until they reel you in, and you unsuspectingly, and heedlessly tell them all of your secrets, pour out your heart in emails, and phone calls. 

Gushing over coffee chats, baking them cookies, falling head over heels. 

Even going so far as to lend your new found friend your favourite scarf.

And then one day your new friend, starts to take longer to return your emails, and calls. 

You are perplexed, concerned, and saddened when you find the email has been discontinued. 

What went wrong, was it something that you did?

And how are you to get your favourite scarf back if your new friend won’t even return your calls?

Fog at the lake

Autumn is like that friend, coming on strong in the beginning, dazzling us with it’s colourful displays of opulent over the top foliage. 

Glowing, cascading, stunning shows of leaves, hiding a fading beauty. Letting us think that this will go on forever, a endless season of beauty and charm.

Seducing us only to shatter our feelings when the leaves start to separate from the branches. 

Leaving us bare, dark, wet, and sad.

And nothing more then a pile of sodden leaves, and a chilling frost to show for it.

Gingko leaves

So Autumn, I do love you, I love the way you leave golden kisses on the trees.  I love the crispness of the apple harvest, the way the flowers perk up at one last chance to bloom.

And I am asking that you show a little kindness, hold back the frost for just a little longer.  Let the berries linger, the flowers bloom, and go to seed.  All I need is a little bit more time.

It’s all any of us need.

And hey, Autumn, I would like my favourite scarf back too while we’re talking about it.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


Wow, I loved reading your comments on Just a blogger, you have no idea how much it helps to find out that it’s not just me who gets those kind of looks from people. 

What gives? I’m laughing as I say that…but still, I’m shaking my head.

Yes, some people, [and they know who they are, and they are not any of you] “don’t have time to spend talking to people who are not real” on computers all day. 

Who does?

And last time I checked, I was much more then a Bot….or a computer. I’m real, or at least I think I am.

But then again, I’m just a Blogger, so maybe not….

Nope, I just pinched myself, I’m real.

And so are you.

And thanks so much for being here, and taking the time to leave a comment.



Expose a naked niche blogger

Friday, October 17, 2014

Just a blogger


“And what do you do?”

They always ask, with a hidden question in their eye.

Like dogs sniffing each other, finding, categorizing, settling into place.

Eager for a treat, a smidge of eyebrow raised with it’s “ohhhh.”

Impress us, they don’t say, but want to.  Fog on the lake with sun beams

I’m a blogger” I tell them.

Just a blogger, with socks under the bed, worries in her head.

And a line of comments to be returned in my inbox that snakes longer then any freeway snarl.

[One day I hope, the traffic jam will be untangled.]

I’m a blogger, words unbidden come to my mind, and I try to give them life.

Hang them on a clothesline out in the fresh air, to be shared.


Trying to balance, life, love, aging parents, obligations. 

Appointments, duties, housework, worries, inspirations, and the ever calling camera.

“I’m just a blogger” I shrug.

As if to knock a misinformed idea off of my shoulder.

Yes, it might be a chip also.

Golden fog reflecions

Last years shots, taken at the same time of year, but it looks so much colder then.


A blogger who takes photos, lots of photos, and has a camera in her hand almost all the time, and might just have a wee little crush on Instagram right now.

Yes, just like those people who are on their cell phones, but it’s a DSLR camera.

And I take great photos, I wish I could be so cheeky to say.

Just a blogger!

“A blogger!”

They exclaim, as if I had said I was a early Egyptian explorer in a world that had not yet been found.

“What’s that?  And why?”

“I had no idea people did that,” they say.

Not how, and what do you get out of it? Do you like doing it? Is it fun.

“But oh…..oh?” 


Golden Fields


And I smile inside, because after all, we know why we blog.

And that’s why.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams



Maybe it’s because this is Canada, and we are a gentle but less worldly people, [just kidding here].

But I seem to be encountered some pretty uninformed people, those who cannot/will not understand, or appreciate the love of blogging that we share, lately. 

Those who have “no interest at all in trying to understand why anyone would do that” because they themselves are not interested in blogging.

Have you had this response too?

I want to tell them.

To each their own, but still,….oh come on.

Learn to accommodate others, let live, and live.

Expand your mind, ah…feels good does it to let some fresh air in does it?

We are, and we do, and for that I am truly grateful. 

Besides, blogging has opened up a huge world for me, full of inspiration, creativity, encouragement, and really fun people.

Thank goodness.

No matter where we live.





Expose a naked niche blogger

Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn’s hiding a secret


After a day that reminded us it was as if the Earth.

Yes one of those rare kind of days.

All glorious flash, and splendour.

Leaves shining with diamonds, sparkling, newly washed.

Yellow school bus

One in which we stepped out the door into the warmth of a climate that was gentler outside. 

And moved our faces to the sun.

Like flowers in the garden, swaying in the false heat.

We let ourselves believe for one.

Single shining moment.

That this isn’t going to end.

Not ever.

How silly of us.


No, truly it will go on.

Forward forever, like a good old fashioned movie.

One that seemed to take life in slow motion.

With the hero, and the heroine grasping hands and pluckily striding forth towards their destiny.

And we let ourselves believe that yes it would go on forever.

After which we placed our rose colored glasses back firmly on our now pointing forward noses.

Red barns in a row

And ourselves strode off towards the rest of our day.

Headless of the forecast, the clouds hovering on the edge of the horizon.

Only to return sodden, shivering, and sad, much later.

Because Autumn was hiding a secret.

And not very well at all.

Cracks starting to show through her finery.

Drops of liquid not amber, but clear.

Prickling bare branches taking the stuffing out of her deep velvet cushions of colors.

The tattered lace of browning leaves lifted to reveal.

The underlying smell of decay, borne on a wind.

Our senses seduced, tricked, our eyes believed that this would go on forever.

Lied to, aging quickly.

Turning, losing hope.

Drifting away with each scattered leaf, blown against a trunk.

Trees in foggy street

Gathering her skirts, swishing away, and leaving behind the promise of cold to come.

Autumn, you’ve torn your dress on thorns, ripped to shreds the skies.

And soon you will be letting Winter in.

More fools us for believing in what we thought we saw.


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams