Friday, November 28, 2014

And the mountains sneezed


The clouds were teasing the mountains the other day…tickling them and running away.

Tickling them.

Giggling, daring them to react, like children running in the school yard.

The mountains watched with good humour, waiting for the right moment.

River walk mountains

They knew it would come, they were patient.

The clouds flitted back and forth.

Up and down, running circles through the mountains.

Crossing the fields, blocking the sun.

Dropping down to the earth when they were tired, taking a nap.

The mountains held steady, like mountains do. 

The clouds floated about, lazily hanging around.

The mountains sat, watching the clouds with a bemused look on their face.

Stoic, strong, weighted, no movement.

And then when it was least expected it, late one cold night.

As the clouds slept a fitful sleep, tossing and turning in the sky.

The mountains took a deep breath, and they….

Winter snow and bales of straw


And now everything is white.

We are going from one Hawaii like day as I call it, warmish temperatures that were supposed to melt the snow. 

To our coming Alaska like temperatures.

Bitter cold is coming.  And no one has told Autumn that winter is over 3 weeks away…she has forgotten to set the auto temperature at the right warmth.

We’ve already had one polar vortex visiting us, and this upcoming one will make it look like a walk in the park…but a snowy park for sure.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tickling the mountain tops


Low clouds continue to tickle the mountain tops, sprinkling false snow onto the fields.

They have not been overly generous.

A little here, a little there, more dirt then snow is showing through like a badly wrapped gift.

Clouds will tickle the mountains

No matter how they laugh and move playfully from mountain to mountain, we know that the clouds are waiting to drop more snow on our area.

Winter is coming, ripening in the background, there is little to do but wait.

Pull out the scarves, the hats, the gloves, and the dead frozen plants that line the walkway.

Dust off the snow blower, the shovels.

Find the ice salt, the hand warmers, the hot cocoa. 

And wish the BBQ a good winter rest.

It’s coming, tickling clouds, grey skies, cold feet, and warm hearts.


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


I had planned on writing a post the other day, but the “things” had other ideas…you know those “things” they seem to get in the way of life all the time.  Inserting themselves in between what you want to do, and what you end up doing. 

So to the “things” in life that make it harder to write a blog post, sptfpttt! take that.

You can’t keep a good blogger down.



Friday, November 21, 2014

And life is too short right?


Have you ever written a blog post, spent a lot of time dreaming, drafting, rewriting, and then deserted them? 

Because for some reason they just don’t fit, they don’t seem as profound as when you had them in your head? 

Or maybe the need was only for them to be written, expressed, the thoughts squeezed out like toothpaste in a tube.

No longer needed once they made it to the computer screen/toothbrush.

Pond in fading sunlight

A short existence, but a good one right?

The things we ponder when we spend too much time in our heads right?

I like to think when I walk..

I need to think, to ponder sometimes, I don’t know about you, but it’s a good thing to let my thoughts form shapes.

Let them fly like a flock of birds out and away.

I’m not worrying about them escaping, bursting out of my head.

Like the wild ducks on the pond do when I stop for the merest second to take a photo. 

They would have taken off either way..that’s life, and it’s too short to overthink it.

Life is too short for worrying needlessly, puttering endlessly, it’s too short to not wear out your favourite socks, wear your favourite underwear, and to eat off of the good plates.

Grab the company only cups, and pour some tea, the good stuff, that loose tea you bought one day on a whim, the one you never drink because you need to use a strainer, you save it for special occasions.

Today is a special occasion. 

You woke up, you are here, and you are alive.

While we are at it, you know that chocolate that you have been hoarding, tucked away in the drawer?

It’s gone, oh just kidding, go find it, and take a big nibble…it’s good to splurge once in a while.

And buy yourself that something that makes your heart sing. Go ahead, you don’t need permission from anyone to just do it.

Golden fields and mountains


A lot.

At everyone.

Especially the grumpy people, it drives them batty.

I’m eating the “company only” cookies right now while I write this post.

Yes the only for company cookies. 

What a rebel I am. 

[Smiling here.]

They would go bad if I didn’t eat them anyways right?  Can’t waste good cookies.

Life is too short.  It really is.

Now about that underwear.

I know, you’re shaking your head, wondering where on earth the underwear reference came from…well weren’t you listening, use the good underwear, and wear out the good socks, it was up there somewhere. 

I’ll wait while you go back and look for it, I even bolded it.

So back to the underwear, they come in a 6 pack from the big brand, big box store, and I like them, they are handy, all the same tones, some patterned, [I know, who writes about underwear on a blog, but bear with me, it’s not going to get any racier then this folks, and it’s still completely in the, could my Mom read this post and not give me the “Jennniiifer” scolding] but there is always one pair that just sends snarky jitters down my heart. 

You might know what I mean…the color is off, the pattern isn’t quite as pleasing to the eye,  [giggle, snort, maybe I’m not as comfortable as I thought I was about this, but there is a point to all this, trust me]  if the word underwear makes you uncomfortable I could replace it with socks.

Selfie in golden field

So, socks/underwear…go ahead think socks instead of underwear when you read underwear, now isn’t that better? Underwear…just kidding, oh smile why don’t you, I’m feeling rebellious.

See, I even made it a bold word…what a racy, rebel I am, must be the only for company cookies, and the good tea, or maybe life is too short.

So now I have probably embarrassed you, or bored you to death…hey are you over there in the sock/underwear aisle of the big box in your mind?  Can you come over here for a second please and take a look at this package of underwear/socks?

Yes, they are all nice colors right?  Just nod your head yes, they are pretty…well most of them are…but there is always that one pair…see what I mean, now that I pointed it out to you, it’s not that nice is it? 

Would you wear that?

Right, I agree, now why on earth would they make a pair of underwear/socks that look like that?  Oh, you like them, um…sorry about that.

See what I mean about posts that you spend time dreaming, drafting, writing, and they should just fly right out of your head? 

Just nod and say yes.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


Bonus points for those who can tell me how many times I used the word underwear without blushing here, just kidding…But, extra bonus points for those that read the entire post and can still spot the photographer in one of the shots.