Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer’s last sunset


Her day started with a pouting fog, lingering until the sun whisked it away.

She’s hesitant to start, to leave, it’s too nice, too comfortable here.

But she’s lugged that battered suitcase down the road for the last time.

Double checked her to do list. She's lugged that battered

Given her final instructions to the sunbeams, and told them to behave.

Blew the clouds far out over the mountains, told them to play for awhile.

Kissed the berries goodbye.

Ran her hand over the field stubble one last time.

Lengthened the dimensions of the shadows.

Sprinkled seeds and watched them go airborne into every corner of the fields.

Until finally there was nothing more for her to do.

And then she left….

On the wings of a hawk gliding golden across the fields.

We could mourn, what will it bring back?

But sorrow, and sadness.

Summers last sunset fields

So we rejoice in the time that we got to spend with her.

Keeping in the forefront only the good memories.

Banishing the bad.

And reliving the soft joy of summer in the taste of each opened jar of winter’s jam.

Summers last sunset fence

I’m still behind with my comments, there is so much to do at this time of year.

As most of you gardeners will well understand. 

Please be patient with me, I’m pulling down beans, and decapitating sunflowers that have fallen over from the weight of the beans, and their nodding heads.  The mice have enough to eat, they can forage somewhere else, these are for the birds.

I’m culling cucumbers, and plucking tomatoes as they are being carted to the compost.

Secretly trying to deposit zucchinis at every doorstep. 

Ding, dong, zucchini calling!

Oh drat, are you answering the door with one in your hand…sigh.

In between I’m walking down the street, camera in hand, capturing every last drop of sunlight before the Autumn turns too cold. 

Driving through the countryside this morning’s fog was frigid on my summer bare legs, and I shivered without a sweater.  Just imagine what the birds are thinking.

The quail are back, silly, and forgetful that a cat would dearly love to pounce. 

But we haven’t yet heard the call of the pheasants.  There is bear scat on the road, and I will be glad when they hibernate. The coyote’s call at midnight stirs not the cat, but runs shivers down my spine.

 Summers last sunset- berries

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Take good care, don’t answer the door with out a zucchini in your hand, I will be by to visit soon.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer’s exit strategy

She’s been planning this party for some time, and up here she is going out with a dramatic exit.  Warm days, cool nights, sun streaming, clouds chasing across the sky.
Leaving us slightly regretful, and faded. Definitely breathless over the beauty of her season.
We stand beside her, tanned, summer kissed, full of light, hopeful.
Pink Zinnia with text
Relaxed, and glowing in Summer’s love.
The once green, now fading leaves act as party banners streamed across the garden.
Spiders wrap silk around the flowers, extending gossamer over branches.
Colors of red, russet, gold, drop early from the trees to decorate the grass.
Fading petals sway in the breeze.
We watch and do not say what is on the tip of our tongue.
Stay, please.
But she must continue on.
Stuffing her battered suitcase full of mementoes.
Tying it together with ragged twine swiped from a garden.
We giggle as we see it’s hardly able to contain the tendrils of vines trying to escape.
We comment “Over packer, take something out and leave it for us….please?”
While the heads of sunflowers laden with seeds pop out to delight us.
Sunbeams passing over petals, slipping through the leaves.
Crinkle between the layers of vines.
Sunflower in late summer light
She’s wanting us to wave goodbye with love in our hearts, and hope for her return.
She’s not thinking of us as much any more, there is another journey ahead.
She is dealing with the coming moments.
The spinning of time, the dizzy pull of the earth. 
The effort is sapping her will to stay, even as we ask, for just one more day, one more week.
She feels the urge to move onward, to leave us behind.
Lasting summer light sunflower
Those on the other side of the world are waiting for her with open arms.
Happy faces full of greetings, joyous laughter, water, white sparkling drops on leaves.
Couch surfer that she is, of no fixed address.
Jumping from friend to friend, always on the move.
Looking towards the memories ahead of her, making, taking, storing, and reminiscing.
Teddy Bear Sunflower
She waves a gentle hand goodbye to us, gracefully slips through the door, just as Autumn steps in.
They embrace like the old friends that they are.
And knowing that it will be a year before they meet again.
Smile lovingly at each other, then turn.
Wave, and move on.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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